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What is a Virtual AGM Platform? How Can it Help You Host Successful Online AGM?

by Julia Rubalcava

The situation of the pandemic has made virtual events very common. AGM’s hold great importance for every organization and are held once every year. Many organizations have started to go digital and are hosting online AGM’s. Moreover, it has been seen that virtual AGM’s witness better shareholder engagement. Given this, it becomes vital to select the most suitable online AGM platform.

What is a Virtual AGM Platform - How Can it Help You Host Successful Online AGM

What is a Virtual AGM Platform?

A virtual AGM platform is a web-based platform that enables the companies to host the event and the attendees to attend the event while boosting communication. It helps you replicate the experience of a physical AGM through the features it offers. AGM’s are conducted by organizations with the shareholders every year to provide them with an overview of the company’s performance and set future objectives. Virtual AGMs eliminate the need for travelling to the event location and can be attended from anywhere using a phone, tablet or laptop. The pandemic has resulted in online AGMs becoming the new normal.

These virtual AGM platforms provide a lot of unique features that can help you host a successful digital event. The primary motive of hosting an AGM is to foster networking and interaction between the organizers and the attendees. Online AGM platforms help you achieve your event objectives by helping you provide the attendees with a physical event like experience. It offers features to boost engagement and networking among the attendees. Here are a few ways in which online meeting platforms help you host a successful virtual AGM.

How Does it Help Host a Successful Virtual AGM?

Allows Customization

Online AGM platforms allow the organizers to customize the event as per their choice. It enables the organizers to build a 3D virtual replica of any venue in the world. These platforms let you customize every detail within your event, right from the location to the booth colours. The customization feature helps you add the elements that you think your attendees would like. This would further result in better event performance and a successful AGM.

Promotes Engagement

Attendee engagement is a crucial factor in measuring the success of an event. Having advanced features to promote attendee engagement at the event will help improve the event’s performance. The online AGM platforms provide features such as –

Introduction Video

Showing an introduction video at the beginning of the AGM will help the attendees to get an idea about the event’s agenda and understand how the AGM will progress. The attendees will find it easier to stay engaged throughout the AGM. Moreover, it enhances transparency by providing all the information about the AGM.

Live Polls

Live polls feature provides the attendees with an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. This further enhances the engagement and participation levels of the attendees.

Live Chat

Live Chat feature provides the attendees with an additional channel to communicate, engage and interact with the host and other attendees. This is a great feature for those who find it hard to speak in public.

Q&A Sessions

Q&A sessions are a great way to establish two-way communication and give the attendees a chance to ask their questions and doubts. Moreover, this also acts as an opportunity for the participants to interact and communicate with others.

Fosters Networking and Interaction

Virtual AGM platforms have a feature that allows you to set up multiple networking tables and allows one-to-one chat and group chat. Multiple networking tables allows the attendees to start their discussion tables and choose a topic of common interest. The attendees can choose the networking table as per their interests.

Allows the Attendee to Ask Questions

Online event platforms provide quizzes and Q&A sessions that allow the attendees to engage in communication and networking. The attendees can ask questions, make suggestions, add to the discussion, present their thoughts and opinions. These Q&A sessions help create an interactive environment and help you host a successful online AGM.

Helps Gather Feedback

Gathering feedback from the attendees adds to their satisfaction levels. Online AGM platforms have special features that enable you to collect attendee’s feedback. It helps establish a connection with the attendees and make them feel respected and valued. Feedback forms and signature walls are the most common form of feedback collection tools. Asking the attendees about their experience and suggesting improvements also helps build trust among them and increase your brand value. Therefore, feedback is another important reason you should opt for a virtual AGM platform.

Provides Data Analytics

Online AGM platforms give you a clear picture of the performance of your AGM. It provides you with pre-event, mid-event and post-event analytics to help you measure the event’s success. The data analytics feature enables you to track the attendee footprints and the most popular sessions. In addition to that, you can also track the time spent by each attendee in the event as well as in each session. The data derived from mid-event polls help you make instant adjustments in the event and increase attendee satisfaction. Greater attendee satisfaction will result in better ROI and help you make your virtual event successful.

Helps You Remind Your Shareholders

While conducting a virtual AGM, it is integral that you remind your attendees about the event and keep them informed about any changes. These platforms provide you with a feature that sends reminders to all the registered attendees and help increase your event attendance.

Provide Match Recommendations

These online event platforms use artificial intelligence technology to match the attendees with relevant people based on their interests and objectives. It analyzes the details of the attendees and matches finds the top matches for each attendee. This leads to time savings for both the organizer and the attendees.

Offers Enhanced Security Features

A lot of the information presented in an AGM can be confidential and highly sensitive. Therefore, security is an integral feature of any virtual event platform. Great security features help keep your data safe and secure.


If you are planning to host your next general meeting virtually, you must opt to take the help of a virtual event platform. Hiring a virtual AGM expert is the best way to host a successful event.

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