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7 Strategies To Control Your Writing Anxiety Easily

by Monica Barnes

In every point of a writer’s life, there is bound to be a challenging situation to handle. And one of those challenges writers struggles with is how to control there writing anxiety. No writer is excluded from this very challenge. Every great writer that has ever existed on earth and that will ever exist after now must deal with writing anxiety.

So don’t let it ruin your writing life. It is something that happens naturally to every writer. We writers are all in this together. That is why you need to know the way to overcome your writing anxiety.

Obviously, the only way to control your writing anxiety is to ignore it and do the right thing at the right time. I know you might want to ask this question.

7 strategies to control your writing anxiety easily

What are the things writers should do instead of being anxious over there writing?

Really this is a very nice question to ask as a writer. Being anxious about your writing isn’t the right thing to do to become a better writer. No matter how much you get worried about your writing, it won’t change anything in your writing life. The right thing to do as a writer instead of being anxious over nothing is to practice these strategies that we help you to develop your writing skill.

1. Read voraciously

Stop bothering about so many things. It won’t help you, clear up your mind, learn these blogging secrets, pick up a book, read it, and try to get yourself excited with the process. If you are a hobbyist reader like me who loves surfing online with mobile devices, then that is cool. You are highly welcome in the writing world.

If you want to overcome your writing anxiety the best way to go is to make reading your hobby. Try to read daily, spend more time reading about what you love writing about. That way you will learn new things about those topics.
Once you know exactly what you want to write about it will be easier for you to communicate your feelings in writing without fears of being wrong. Just ask yourself this question.

Why do I get anxious about my writing?

You need to know why you feel anxious about your writing. Is it how to begin an article or how to arrange your ideas perfectly. Once you know why the next thing to do is to research how to do that very thing perfectly.

Obviously, when you google that out, you will find tones of information on how to perfect it yourself. You will get a lot of inspiration from great writers who have to be where you are now. They will tell you exactly what you need to understand your fears. When you understand why you feel so anxious, you will know how to control your writing anxiety.

Once you get all this encouragement, it will spark up your curiosity to attempt to make a difference in your writing. You will discover how powerful you can resolve your personal issues by making an attempt. That’s the power of making an attempt.

2. Always attempt what scares you the most

Don’t shy away from the struggle, be optimistic in nature as a writer. Never let your writing anxiety ground you from attempting to do something special. Always attempt to do something different each time you find out that a particular thing isn’t working for you.

You can always discover a better way of doing things right as a blogger through your attempt. The most powerful secret of better writing is to dare the unthinkable. You should know that a successful writer never succumbs to there writing anxiety.
Learn to say no to what doesn’t add value to your life. If thinking about a particular thing doesn’t help you solve your problem. Then stop thinking about it.

Start experimenting on any solution you know about. You can’t tell how useful your ideas can be to help you resolve that every writing problem you have. Just keep writing, don’t relent on your writing exercise. Keep on writing about what you love.

3. Make writing your hobby

Write like you are going to die today, make writing your priority. When you make writing your best hobby. You will find out that your writing anxiety will drop gradually until you no longer have it anymore.

Once you keep on writing without worrying about those big dreams of yours. It will help you focus on taking care of the most important details about your writing. Hence, when you do this continuously, you will discover a big difference in the way you write. You will find out that you are flowing well will you writing then you use to do before.

Sometimes our subconscious mind plays some pranks on us by making us see very common things as a very big issue. As a writer struggling with your writing anxiety. You will find out that you bother more about when to finish a piece of an article than analyzing your ideas for relevancy.

This isn’t good for you as a blogger. You shouldn’t be focusing on the end product of your writing. What you should put your focus on is the details of your ideas. How it relates to each other to form the big picture of what you want to teach your audiences.

This is what happens when you ignore your writing anxiety

Obviously, though the moment you free up your mind and start writing base on what you know about that very topic. You will find out that you have a lot of wonderful ideas in your head than you had ever thought of.

You will bother less about your article word counts. I can remember vividly when I started up my blog. I struggle for days trying to come up with something unique to write about. Little did I know that this was just an illusion, it wasn’t really.
You don’t need to come up with a topic that no one has ever written about before. That’s not the goal, the goal is to write something that stands out uniquely in the crowded internet space.

Tell your audience what they have never heard before elsewhere about that very topic. Give them ideas they never thought of could ever help them. Elaborate your point to create a unique impression on them that will spark up their curiosity to take any action with immediate effects. That’s what you should focus on achieving through your blog.

4. Write before you criticize your ideas

Don’t start all out by criticizing an idea you haven’t drafted out on your editor screen yet. Write down what you think about that situation first before you set out to criticize its relevance to your main ideas. If you keep on criticizing your ideas before you ever write them down. You will lose the inspiration to generate more unique ones.

Because you will sit right in front of that your editor screen condemning yourself into failure. Instead of making an advancement into your success. Don’t be that kind of writer. Learn to write first, analyze your ideas, reflect on it carefully and you will find out that most ideas you never thought could fit in proper will turn out to be great ones.

Don’t discard your opinions before you even make it. Make it and them think about it deeply. That way, you will get to see the beauty in it when you do that with an open mind.

5. Live an open-minded life

Always be social, great writers are social kind of beings. They share there views with friends. When you talk about what you know with your friends. It will help you to control your writing anxiety. Moreover, you will get to learn what they think about your ideas too.

They might even help you to understand better what you never know better. Sometimes they might even argue the relevance of your ideas with you. Which will prompt you to go back and research more about the topic?
They can even tell you new things about that very topic. That’s why it is good to share your view and ask questions.

6. Ask for help if you need one

When you ask people questions it will help you a lot to relieve yourself of your writing anxiety. Don’t forget that a close mouth is a close life. You need to talk about your feelings with people. That way, you get to muster the courage to relate with people better.

One thing most writers don’t know is that. Your physical confidence reflects on your writing. Your emotions reflect very perfectly on your writing. Through the words, you use to express yourself.

A writer that is not confident in what he is writing about will likely make use of the weak word. They tend to write more with a voice of suggestion than a tone of assurance.

Hence, it is good to learn to interact with people in the physical world perfectly. Develop your self-confidence, learn to ask questions where you don’t understand. You can ask a friend or an older person around you, what they think about your idea.
They can help you understand what you don’t understand better. They can even applaud you for your great ideas. Which will help build in you the courage to put those ideas online for your audience to learn better.

7. Practice self-gratification

Yes, you have to learn to appreciate yourself for the little achievement you have made. Don’t get too crazy about pursuing those big goals of yours. Sparing a small amount of time to say “Yes I have really done well in doing this” is a very good thing in the life of a writer. It can help you to overcome most of your writing anxiety.

Learn to say a big thank you to those of your friends that help you to achieve a particular thing. To encourage them to think more about ways to help you better.

When you do this always, you will find out that your writing anxiety will fade up gradually into thin air.

Ask me a Question

If you have any questions about how to overcome your writing anxiety. Let us know in the comment section below. We are really curious to hear from you.

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