Home Business Trading Companies in South America trust Sun n Shine International for Bulk Buying furniture from China

Trading Companies in South America trust Sun n Shine International for Bulk Buying furniture from China

by Julia Rubalcava

If you are a trading company in South America or want to become a wholesaler of leisure furniture and traveling luggage, Sun N Shine is the perfect resort. The furniture market is very competitive in South America. To win over the market, you have to sell the best quality and trending furniture at pocket-friendly rates. In order to make that happen, you must have access to high-quality furniture at reasonable rates, and we all know China has the best market when it comes to affordable furniture. But again, the next question arises, “Where to Buy The Best Bulk Furniture From China?” And the answer is Sunnshine International Co. Ltd- the best bulk manufacturer from China.

Trading Companies in South America trust Sun n Shine International for Bulk Buying furniture from China

Trading companies in South America trust Sunnshine International to buy bulk furniture from China. It has a warehouse facility in Shenzhen, making it one of the ideal choices for trading companies in that region.

Sunnshine International- The Most Trusted Partner Of Trading Companies

Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. is the premier manufacturer in developing, producing and selling, traveling & leisure goods like Beach Chairs, Camping Beds, Folding Chairs, and other travel goods. Since then, they have been in the market for over 11 years and ruling it. They have advanced production facilities and have introduced the latest manufacturing techniques which result in fast and quality production. Their design process is impressive, resulting in unique and attractive designs. With all these machines and good raw materials they use, their products turn out to be of superior and stable quality.

It is not only about the prices and product quality, but their on-time delivery and customer relationships are also a significant cause of their popularity in the market. Their products are made of metal, durable, and easy to handle. They perform a special surface treatment on every product before marking them ready for sale. They use metal with high anti-corrosive properties to not have to worry about the metal being corroded. They work with people worldwide and have a very loyal clientele. They believe in having a long-term relationship with their clients. They always keep the delivery process transparent to maintain their relationship with clients. If you are new to the market of trading furniture in that case, you should try Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. for bulk buying furniture as they will provide you best services and rates when compared to other manufacturers.

Suppose you are already working with other furniture manufacturing companies and are tired of their delay in consignments and poor quality products. In that case, Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. could be the manufacturing partner you could trust.

Why Trading Companies Prefer Sunnshine For Buying Bulk Furniture

Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. is the most preferred manufacturer for the trading companies in South America. They produce different kinds of metal steel beds and assemble instructions and a professional inspection report. The things that make Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. better than other manufacturers are:

Customization: The best part about this company is that they can also manufacture bulk products according to the requirements and market choices of the trading companies. They manufacture the designs according to their client’s needs. To get your own designed product, you will have to provide them with AI, CDR, PDF, etc., and their design team will make clear artwork for your final confirmation. To maintain the exclusivity of the trader, they do not provide that design to other traders without permission or the agreement with the original buyer.

Transparent and swift ordering process: They follow a straightforward and quick order. You will have to send Sunnshine the inquiry about the products you need, and then they will reach out with solutions. Once you choose the design and products, they will send you a sample and the pricing. If you are happy with the product and want to move forward with the order, you will have to pay some advance amount, and they will start producing your order.

After your order is ready, you will have to settle the balance amount, and then they will dispatch your order. Throughout this process, their sales team will be in touch with you to help you with anything you need and to keep you updated with the progress of each step. This transparent and hassle-free ordering process is one of the reasons why their clients are happy with their work patterns.

Good quality: To guarantee the quality of the product, they always send a pre-production sample before mass production, and they will refund the sample fee after order confirmation. The company also has a thorough Final Inspection before shipment.

Fast Delivery: Their delivery time for the order is also very reasonable. It will take 7-10 days for the traders to receive the sample as it will take 3-5 days to produce the sample and 3-5 days to deliver the piece. Their production time is 25 days for custom orders after getting their deposit. You can pay the balance by T/T before shipment or against the B/L scan copy. They also accept L/C and D/P as per item volume.

Decent MOQ: Like every other manufacturer, they also have a minimum order quantity, and it is one container. They accept you to choose four items to combine in it, making it easier for you to order even if you are not a prominent trader.


Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. is an excellent step for traders in South America towards successful trading. They can make more profits and have exclusive furniture at reasonable prices. Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. has a worldwide presence, making them more reliable. So what are you waiting for? If you want to become a wholesaler or looking for a new manufacturer, reach out to Sun N Shine International Co. Ltd. To get their quotation, send them your detailed requirements (style, logo, size, color, quantity, etc.), leave an inquiry, or email at sales@sunnshinehk.com, and they will send you a reply promptly.

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