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Dreaming of White Teeth But Don’t Know Exactly How to Get It?

by Julia Rubalcava

Don’t you worry, you have reached here at the right place! Here in this article, I have suggested some teeth whitening treatments to make your teeth beautiful and white.

Dreaming of White Teeth But Don't Know Exactly How to Get It?

So if you want to know more read the article till the end.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a dental procedure in which the stains and plaque from the teeth are removed to enhance the colour of the teeth. You can lighten your teeth’ colour without removing any of your teeth ‘ surfaces through teeth whitening. Teeth whitening doesn’t mean whitening your teeth but making your teeth a few shades lighter. To obtain the best and affordable tooth whitening treatment, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you. However, affordable teeth whitening costs in Chennai would be around some 20,000-25,000 for professional teeth whitening and 5,000-8,000 for the home-based teeth whitening teeth treatment.

What are the causes of the discolouration of the teeth?

Several factors may cause teeth discolouration. Some of them are I have listed below.


Age is one of the most common factors for the discolouration of the teeth. As the teeth lose their enamel, the colour of the teeth becomes less, and hence the teeth lose their shine and colour as age passes.

Tobacco use:

People with habits like chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes made up of tobacco also cause teeth discolouration in many people. To stop that, it would be best if you fewer tobacco products.

Food habits:

Teeth discolouration is linked up with our food habits too! Exposure to food habits like tea, coffee, red wine, and other coloured food products also causes teeth discolouration in many people.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene is also one of the most common factors behind tooth discolouration. Good dental hygiene and proper oral habits are also important for the teeth to remain clean and beautiful.


People who more often grind and clench their teeth are also prone to lose some part of the tooth colour due to too much pressure applied to the teeth, and hence it is also one of the causes of tooth discolouration.

Fluoride treatment:

Excessive fluoride content can also lead to teeth discolouration in many people. So it is better that you take care that you do not ingest so much fluoride.

So these are the reasons for teeth discolouration in many people.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

There are two types of teeth whitening. They are

  • Home-based teeth whitening

Office-Based teeth whitening Home-based teeth whitening is a teeth whitening in which you buy teeth whitening products like teeth whitening strips and gels and use them to enhance the colour of the teeth. Usually, home-based teeth whitening lasts only for a few weeks and months.

Office-based teeth whitening is a teeth whitening procedure performed by professionals and dentists at dental clinics. Office-based is a long-lasting procedure that can last up to 2-10 years based on your food habits and maintenance.
So these are two types of teeth whitening methods. Both are best; however, consult your dentist for the best treatment and advice as well.

What are the pros and cons of the teeth whitening treatment?


Immediate result:

Unlike other dental procedures, teeth whitening provides you with instant results. The day you have undergone teeth whitening, you can notice the difference in your teeth, and thus it provides you with the immediate impact without making you wait.

Enhances appearance:

White teeth give you the confidence to smile and thus enhance your beauty and thus enhance your appearance. Thus the teeth whitening procedure also enhances your beauty.

Quick procedure:

Both can be performed in relatively less time, whether home teeth whitening or office teeth whitening. In home-based teeth whitening, it takes a few minutes to complete the procedure, whereas, in the dental office, the professionals take only 2-3 hours altogether to complete the treatment.


The teeth whitening treatment is mostly affordable; whether you are undergoing professional whitening or home-based whitening, both can be done within your budget.

So these are some of the common pros of the teeth whitening procedure.

Now it’s the turn for the disadvantages, like the advantages of teeth whitening treatment and some disadvantages listed below.



For many people, the teeth whitening treatment has stimulated the sensitivity in their teeth. It is a fact that the sensitivity didn’t last for many days, but it has caused discomfort instantly after the treatment to many patients.

Not permanent:

Whether home-based teeth whitening or office teeth whitening, both are not permanent. Home-based teeth whitening may stay for 3-4 months, whereas the dental professional may last up to 2-10 yrs and that too is based on your diet and food consumption.

Dental health:

It would be best to have good dental health to undergo teeth whitening treatment. Thus, it would help if you had good oral health to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, and people with poor dental health cannot experience teeth whitening treatment.

It goes off quickly:

Professional teeth whitening may stay for some time, but home-based teeth whitening goes off after some time, whether whatever food you eat.

So these were some cons of the teeth whitening treatment.

Before opting for the teeth whitening treatment, consider knowing both to avoid further complications to your teeth.

I hope you find the article on teeth whitening treatment a helpful one. If you have any queries or suggestions to share, you can share them here below in the comment section. Stay connected to read more articles. See you soon with the following article.

Thank you!

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