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Benefits of Buying a Dedicated server In Canada From Serverwala

by Julia Rubalcava

Get total isolation, control, and security for mission-critical workloads using customizable Canada dedicated server hosting with Serverwala.

Benefits of Buying a Dedicated server In Canada From Serverwala


If you’re willing to launch an online business or start a new Website, you must vouch for the two standard forms of hosting – shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Shared web hosting shares the data and the resources with other web clients, as its sounds. On the other hand, Canada Dedicated Server gets you full access to the server and is not shared with any client.

If you are looking to scale your business, or want to manage the huge organic traffic for your website, the Dedicated Server Hosting service is the one you must look out for. One such example is Dedicated Server in Canada powered by Serverwala. It not only optimizes the huge traffic load but also minimizes the downtime which your web portal may get affected by.

What is a Dedicated server In Canada?

Dedicated hosting is a web hosting option in which a single server is dedicated to the sole client. The client has full oversight over the machine, so they can upgrade it for their unique requirements, including performance and security. The hosting provider supplies the actual server and environment, the associated services, and technical support.

Why Canada Based Dedicated server is Best From Serverwala?

We offer high-performance dedicated servers that can guarantee maximum accessibility of your website. Here are the top reasons why you need a Canada Dedicated Server from Serverwala –

  • 100Mbps Bandwidth – 100Mbps Bandwidth and Unlimited Transfer Constant 100Mbps server transmission capacity (for both local and global)
  • Unlimited Space Backup – Daily off-server backup reinforcement for 14-Day Retention Period
  • Unlimited Data Transfer – 1st Grade network-based DDoS Mitigation and solid insurance with 24×7 monitoring
  • Hosted In Singapore – Serverwala Data Center is intended to satisfy the rigid demands of web hosting clients.
  • Root Access – It’s your server now; you will have root-level access allowing you to install anything you need to optimize your web platform.
  • Worldclass Plesk or cPanel Control Panel – Get things running with the industry-standard control panel that offers impeccable User Interface (UI)
  • 24*7Local Support Team – Enjoy unlimited support with our Managed Linux Dedicated servers, with our promptly accessible 24/7 Dedicated Support group for your server’s storage, performance, and hardware administration.
  • Virtualization – You can utilize all resources inside a dedicated server for various purposes. For example, with virtualization, you can make create VMs for your projects.
  • Full Control and Flexibility – You make all your hosting decisions on all your facilitating choices. You can simply install and configure all the software you need with root access for MAX flexibility.
  • Top Performance – You are now able to operate a high-performance business engine that powers up your business for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.
  • Highly Secure – Security is in your grasp. Deploy your desired security measures to secure your client’s data and valuable information.
  • 6-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee – At the point when your hardware breaks down, it will be replaced within 6 hours to guarantee that your server is optimized again.

Reasons You Should Choose Serverwala’s Dedicated Hosting in Canada?

Serverwala tops the list of being the most influential and leading hosting companies in Pan America. It aims to offer cheap dedicated hosting Canada with high-grade facilities. The organization is highly recognized for delivering the best-dedicated server in Canada that bundles with enterprise-grade hardware. You can vouch for Dedicated Hosting at the most reasonable prices.

Features of Cheap Dedicated Server Canada powered by Serverwala

  • Simple Licensing – The Serverwala offers simple licensing with just a single click and cost-effectively less
  • Security-as-a-Service – With the company’s best-dedicated hosting in canada, your online business will gain advanced data information security. You will have integrated security features at your disposal to shield your data information from all kinds of breaches and outside attacks.
  • Self-Service Portal – Serverwala offers dedicated hosting in Canada with full control panel options. You will actually perform multiple functionalities and regular tasks at the same time with Dedicated Server Hosting.
  • 99.9% Uptime – The Serverwala’s dedicated hosting in Canada will deliver high-performance and consistent secure channels to your online business. Your business site will get the high-tech network innovative network flexibility to accomplish the most elevated uptime and zero downtime.
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance – The Serverwala also offers 24/7 technical support from a team that comprises trained and certified experts. You will be able to procure instant support and solutions to all your issues.

Best Package and Price Of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Canada

Serverwala has a variety of plans that are suitable for all kinds of users from bloggers, part-time e-retailers to enterprise users.

Customer’s Review

At the point when you choose to pick a Dedicated Canada Server, you should do your side of the examination about the company’s hosting services. The client’s words serve the strong and real criticism about the organization’s services. administrations. Hence,

Here we are bringing the client’s reviews about the Serverwala dedicated server in Canada –

Our dedicated hosting delivers the best of the best features that make your platform’s hosting experience smooth and efficient. Add to that, you will also acquire great value for your money along with using a stellar user experience (UX). Connect now with Serverwala’s experts to resolve all your doubts and queries regarding dedicated server hosting plans. Our professionals are highly trained and deliver a prompt response to the client’s queries.


After experiencing the features and getting an overall feel of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server hosting service, we got to say that Serverwala is truly a very solid host building and growing platform.

Their user interface is easy to use, and users get single-click set ups for their online business, and their server time can hold its own against some of the top tiers A+ ranked web hosts.

If you’re just starting out or thinking about getting your feet wet in the online business, you don’t have to worry about a thing when going with Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server Canada. Their excellent services combined with the low subscription plans make them the host with the best value of money.

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