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Digital Marketing Shortcuts – The Easy Way

by Monica Barnes

In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to get your business recognized without having some sort of online presence. Businesses today understand this fact, and therefore, they are making fair use of all social platforms to reach their target audience all over the world. No matter if you are just a local business or you are targeting international clients, customers today believe in brands that have a website, blog, or even just a Facebook page.

Digital Marketing Shortcuts - The Easy Way

Even if you manage to create an online presence, an account on social media, and start posting about your brand, products, and services, it is not going to be enough. Every business needs to drive the audience’s attention to it, and for that purpose, they must drive traffic to their website, blog, or page. This is called digital marketing; the process through which a brand promotes itself and approaches potential customers to increase its sales and create an impact on the general public.

Although there are many digital marketing strategies, there are some techniques that provide quicker results than the rest. They are often called digital marketing shortcuts. However, there is no shortcut to success, but since these marketing techniques are effective and give long-term results, they are labeled as shortcuts.

In this article, you will learn about some tips and techniques that you can practice and let the world know that you exist. Nevertheless, these tips require persistence, and by quick results, we did not mean you will see the difference in a matter of days, but that with time and continuous practice, you can change how your business appears to your customers. These tips will help you get a rank on the first page of Google’s search results when users are searching using specific relevant keywords.

Long-tail Keywords

You will have to use some logic here. If the keyword you are aiming for is ‘motorbike,’ it is evident that search results will contain information about motorbikes such as their types, costs, showrooms, blogs, and other related stuff.

Moreover, if your business is about motorbike servicing and repairs, and you are using this as your keyword, again, Google will provide users will service and repair shops from all over the world, and yours will get lost somewhere in these results. However, to rank on the first page of Google, you have to be specific and use long-tail keywords that can drive potential customers to your website. Such as, if you are a motorbike service and repair shop in California, you will focus on the term ‘motorbike service and repair shops in California.’ This way, you will successfully narrow your search, and when users enter this keyword, you will be there on their screens.

Multiple Keywords

As a business owner, it would not be beneficial for you if you only use one key phrase or keyword. It might not do your business any good if you are dealing with a lot of competitors. So make sure you are focusing on multiple keywords as you do not want to miss any chance to make new customers and extend your reach, be it locally, nationally, or globally.

Having a backup is always a good idea, even if you do not need it, you are just doing your business a favor by making it approachable through various relevant keywords.


Now before you say that AdWords is just another form of paid promotions and that they are not genuine search criteria, we would like to tell you that it is always better to, at least, make people familiar with your brand name. Rather than being overconfident about your digital marketing team for doing all the hard work, you can depend on AdWords to do the job, especially when you know that it actually works, you cannot just leave that option out.

Engaging Content

There is no surprise in this news that a website that has more content tends to drive more web traffic to it. Compelling and engaging content is what users are looking for all the time. If your website has a variety of content, Google will notice it.

Moreover, registering your keywords with Google is possible if you use them in your website content, such as in a blog or an article. It will be a difficult task to get your agency ranked on Google’s first page of search results for the keyword ‘digital marketing specialist in Texas,’ but Google can grab a blog from your website having this keyword, and that blog can be listed in results on its first page.

Getting Featured

When you get listed for any of your blogs or articles in the top results of Google, your business will attract thousands of customers; hence your fame will be leveled up. One shortcut to do so is to write your own version, where you include your business’s name as well. However, you must keep the authenticity by including other businesses too. This is just like killing two birds from one arrow. When people search for any of the business that you have also listed in your post, there are good chances that Google will list that post in its search results, and hence, users will notice you.


It is better to read a lot about digital marketing before you begin practicing specific tips and marketing techniques. Some things work for some people while they do not show the same effective results for others. It is just because some brands have more competitors or due to several other reasons. However, it is not just about using marketing techniques and achieving promising results, but you have to understand the current position of your business. Long term benefits require persistence and lots of effort, so you need to be patient. It is not going to happen overnight. It might take weeks, months, or even years. But if you are doing it the right way, it won’t take that long. The perfect blend of SEO and digital marketing will get you there.

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