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Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks – Why Coffee Is a Healthier Choice

by Monica Barnes

To give yourself a jolt of energy during that afternoon slump, what is your go-to source of energy, coffee or an energy drink? From point to point, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to make a tough decision. While you might just want a strong dose of caffeine from anywhere, how you get that caffeine really matters. Some might reach for other energy drinks. For health-conscious consumers, fresh roasted coffee online is the healthier choice. Coffee has been found to include antioxidants, which may explain why coffee drinkers are shown to have a reduced risk of growing some diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes. Coffee’s nutritional profile also incorporates small amounts of naturally occurring B vitamins and trace minerals. Here are the reasons why coffee is a healthier choice.

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks – Why Coffee Is a Healthier Choice

1. Coffee has Lower Calories:- Apart from the caffeine part, energy drinks usually have plenty of sugar. Sugar will not help you in the long run. After the rush wears off, you will just fail again. On the other hand, coffee is better for maintaining energy. In addition to that, you won’t have to add to your calorie count for the day when you drink it. Even if the energy drinks are advertised as sugar-free, they still contain artificial sweeteners. They are better left out of your diet. But you can always have your coffee sweet and low-calorie. Try all-natural stevia instead of sugar, and substitute cream with almond milk. It comes in lots of delicious flavors.

2. Budget-friendly Option:- Those on a budget will enjoy coffee’s affordable price tag. Unlike energy drinks, which flaunt extensive price markups, coffee costs very little when bought in a large quantity and made at home. For instance, the cost of a case of energy drinks is approximately similar to the coffee cost for a month or more. So, if you seek healthier and pocket-friendly options to fulfill your energy needs, you should definitely go for coffee.

3. Superior Caffeine Content:- A conventional Red Bull can contain 80mg of caffeine per serving. By comparison, coffee boasts up to 200mg in a strong cup. It is evident to see which option gives you more excitement for your money. If caffeine quantities are not your thing, consider pouring a small coffee cup to reduce caffeine consumption. Alternatively, you could make a dark roast blend that contains lighter caffeine than light or blonde roast.

4. Coffee has No Suspicious Ingredients:- If I drink coffee, how will I get my daily taurine, ginseng, yerba mate, and B12? You might ask this question. The great thing is that you don’t require most of those elements in the first place. Some of these elements are there to add caffeine, and some are thrown in because they sound pretty good. Even when there is no scientific proof proving their effectiveness, they are present there. Sure, B12 is a vitamin, but you get that from your diet already. Part of being healthy is managing what you put in your body, and you know what’s in your coffee. Coffee doesn’t include any false elements. A mug of black coffee only has only coffee beans as an element. The chemicals and flavonoids in coffee, like quinic acid, trigonelline, and 2-ethylphenol, are all organically present and are harmless to ingest. On the other hand, energy drinks have popular additives like Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine, L-carnitine, Pyridoxine, and Glucuronolactone. Some of these ingredients are harmless and even quite right for you, while others might have adverse consequences for your health. Especially in higher dosages, sugar and sugar replacements have been linked to diabetes, insulin spikes, and obesity.

5. Coffee Suits your Taste Buds: Energy drinks are sweet due to their intense sugar and artificial sweeteners concentration. Luckily, coffee lets you choose for yourself how you want it to taste. For example, a black coffee cup will taste acidic and bitter will double-double with being creamy and sweet. Consequently, coffee can be personalized to one’s tastes more so than energy drinks. It is an excellent plus with coffee.

6. Sugar in Coffee:- Sugar is arguably the most addicting and over-used substance on the market. Users add it to their tea, cook it into their favorite treats, and pour it over their morning breakfast cereals. From marinara to peanut butter, added sugar can be found in even the most unexpected products. Having a check on the quantity of sugar you eat each day is very crucial. Too much sugar can trigger obesity and many diseases like type 2 diabetes. While you may choose to put a few teaspoons of sugar in your cup, the coffee itself is sugar-free. With coffee, you can alter the sweetness according to personal taste and your sugar consumption! And if you are someone who relishes a strong cup of black coffee, you may choose to skip the sugar altogether.

7. Make Smart Choice for Energy:- The perfect way to keep your energy levels boosted is to schedule sufficient time to get the sleep that you require. For most people, it implies seven to eight hours of continuous sleep all night. When this is not feasible, coffee is the best choice for a quick energy boost. Pick plain coffee over specialty coffee drinks, and be careful in your intake. Evade drinking large amounts of coffee at once and limiting your overall caffeine consumption to under 300mg per day.

So, which works best – coffee or energy drinks? The Coffee has won this race with many points in its course. No matter how occupied you are, it is crucial to realize that you can’t depend on caffeine to keep you going frequently. No matter from coffee or energy drinks, caffeine is a booster that changes the way your body functions, just like any other remedy. A high quantity of caffeine and too little sleep will make it difficult to focus on your classes and your job. So make sure to balance your specific dependence on coffee with good quality sleep and other healthy lifestyle choices. And now that you are entirely on board with coffee, you can get up your coffee game and go beyond the primary coffee-brewing supplies.

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