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6 Ways You Can Prepare For UPSC Coaching While Spending Less!

by Julia Rubalcava

The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur says that it is a known fact that preparing for the IAS examination is an expensive affair for most students who wish to join some good and reputed UPSC coaching institutes. But some students crack the examination without physically joining any UPSC coaching center. Hence this may save money for those who want to join UPSC coaching but cannot due to money crunches.

6 Ways You Can Prepare For UPSC Coaching While Spending Less

So here, in this article, we bring up some ways in which you can prepare for the IAS examination effectively without spending much money on expensive UPSC coaching!

6 Ways You Can Prepare For UPSC COACHING While Spending Less!

Aspirants who usually plan for IAS examinations save money and plan accordingly to manage the expenses required for coaching. But some underprivileged people find it challenging to prepare for IAS and receive UPSC coaching due to monetary crunches. So here are some points that are helpful ways to prepare for the IAS cost-effectively.

1. Home Study:

Most of the best UPSC coaching institutes are in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Managing house rents and overhead expenses in these cities are burdensome if you are not from a very affluent family or background. It is difficult for a person who has never been out of town before to manage and adapt to the lifestyle of the new city.

However, aspirant residents of these metro cities do not find it challenging to manage the hefty fees required for the coaching living in their own homes.

Secondly, if you are away from home in these metro cities managing your stuff to get the best UPSC coaching, you need to manage the laundry, food expenses, and all the basic things. Trust me; these are some distractions of their level.

Therefore it is best to stay back in your town and stay in your home and study well. Moreover, the stressful days of IAS preparation that require moral support are well received when you are home with your family and friends in your hometown, says the best UPSC coaching in Nagpur.

2. Digital Learning:

Digital is the new normal now. E-learning has come as a blessing for everyone, especially for the students who cannot afford to go to big cities and manage all expenses of studies, rent, and everything. So it is easier for them to learn and go online for all their queries through E-learning.

You need for this type of learning: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and a decent internet connection. E-notes and easy notes are platforms that every student must follow religiously and make detailed and well-structured notes.

There is nothing as such specific to prepare before IAS. All you need is to know the syllabus and all the topics you need to cover for IAS preparation. This helps understand the pattern, which in turn will reduce the mental pressure for IAS preparation. The best

 3. Reading Newspaper:

The most asked question is how to arrange for the vast, expensive study material, including books and notes for IAS. The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur suggests that newspapers and government magazines are an effective source of information and excellent study material to be in touch with the current affairs required for IAS preparation.

Therefore developed a habit of reading newspapers daily. Nowadays, e-newspapers are available in all languages. So you can access any newspaper on your laptop. Since newspapers are easily and readily available all over the country, it becomes easy for students all around the country to prepare well with the help of newspapers.

4. Study NCERT And Standard Books:

As per IAS toppers over the years, books needed for study should be limited irrespective of money is available or not. The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur also states that repeating the same books is a proven practice for IAS.

To rightly say that to move in the right direction for studies is to pick up one definitive book for every subject rather than referring to multiple books and wasting time and increasing burden. As said earlier, many books are available online in pdf format to study, but still, if you want to buy books and then NCERT is best. And some other standard books to be mentioned precisely are Laxmikant, Dr. Kullar, Dutt and Sundaram for Indian Polity, Indian Geography, and the Indian Economy, respectively.

Also, NCERT books are available online, so students can refer to e-pathshala if they want to study online.

5. Online Coaching Classes:

In today’s times, online coaching classes are the best and most effective ways. There are so many online portals that serve online coaching, conduct mock tests. Many institutes like the best UPSC coaching in Nagpur also provide online coaching for UPSC and make it easy for students to get trained at a cheaper cost and avoid traveling to bigger cities for proper training.

Youtube also has so many channels and influencers that take lectures and give away questions and other online portals that make it easier for aspirants to choose what they want to learn and from where as per their strengths and weaknesses.

6. A Good Study Group:

It is always suitable and advisable to hang around with people who have set some goals in their life and are serious about it. This motivates you too to take your life goals seriously. So find people that too are serious about making a career as an IAS officer to have some timely and healthy discussions and some time to hang around with friends.

Make notes and discuss them with these people and exchange notes, too, since notes are the best things for revising on time because usually there is not much time to go through the entire syllabus.

The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur says that, for IAS preparation, you need intelligence and hard work. Many toppers have also said that they prefer self-study, home study, and opting to digital platforms rather than physically going to places blindly that are crowded. Many IAS toppers have posted their notes on online platforms, so anytime you can refer them.

These are some of the best practices you can opt for if you seriously want to aspire for IAS while spending less.

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