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Different Types of Quality Bed Sheets

by Julia Rubalcava

There are different aspects to consider when you talk about the quality of the bed sheet. These aspects include colour, durability, thread count, price and comfort. If you don’t want to compromise on quality then follow above aspects strictly. Following types of bed sheets are considered fine;

Different Types of Quality Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets

Cotton is the most common material for bedding products like pillowcases and bed sheets. Long staple cotton of Egypt is considered fine for bed sheets. The cotton which comes in shorter fibers is available at low prices. Crystal cotton bed sheet com in percale weave or sateen weave so if you want crisp type then percale weave is the best choice for you but in case of wrinkle resistant and luxurious bed sheets, sateen weave is a good choice for you.

Linen bed sheets

Linen bed sheets are thicker, heavier and substantial as compared to the cotton bed sheets. Its thread count is lower than percale or sateen cotton weave. A linen bed sheet with 200 thread count is considered a good quality bed sheet. They are moisture wicking but wrinkle resistant bed sheets. These bed sheets are comfortable, durable, fine in color and designing.

Flannel bed sheets

These bed sheets are made from shredded cotton fibers to create comfortable and softer feelings. Flannel bed sheets provide heat to body so they are liked in winter season. These bed sheets are measured in grams per square meter instead of thread count. High quality bed sheets may last for years but low quality will decay soon.

Silk bed sheets

Silk bed sheets are luxurious and expensive because they are manufactured with silk which is obtained from silk worms after a lengthy process. These bed sheets are smooth, soft, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. These sheets are long lasting so their high price is not considered too much. These sheets provide elegant life style and beauty to your beddings.

Polyester Sheets

Synthetic material, polyester is made from petroleum. It lacks breathability which is found in pure cotton king size bedsheet. These bed sheets are durable and their prices are lower as compared to the other bed sheets.

Stain bed sheets

Stain bed sheets are not material specific bed sheets but they are woven with particular vertical threads. The bed sheet material can be wool, cotton, rayon, bamboo or mix of different materials. All stain bed sheets are slick and shiny.

Bamboo bed sheets

These bed sheets provide smoothness of silk at lower as compared to the silk bed sheets. These sheets are made from natural fiber so they are breathable and antimicrobial.

Microfiber bed sheets

It is a fine woven and shredded form of synthetic material, polyester. They are extremely soft, affordable and high thread count per inch. They have lack breathability due to which they are not ideal for hot sleepers. These sheets are durable and last for years.

Lyocell sheets

It is a form of rayon and dissolved pulp of plant fibers like eucalyptus and bamboo. These sheets are breathable and affordable.

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