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What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a Used Car?

by Monica Barnes

Mileage confirmation: The mileage of used cars is a very important part. High mileage of course means that the parts are used more. Even the so-called highway mileage is still mileage. It is best to find a low mileage, but it is a passive odometer. Although moving mileage is a crime in Malaysia The behavior is still visible when someone moves. In Malaysia, the average annual mileage of second-hand car users in urban areas is almost below 10,000 kilometers. If there are many cars in the family, under interchangeable use, there are even those who drive less than 5,000 kilometers a year. Taking the current self-use car, the average annual mileage is about 8,000 to 12,000 kilometers. If the self-use car is used for business trips, it is not uncommon to drive 25,000 kilometers. I have driven 100,000 in three years. A self-use car over a kilometer is considered a car that makes the most of it. Since it is used quickly, it is of course depreciated. Mileage is important because of the life cycle of the machinery. If the car is used a lot, but the car is not injured and the parts are updated a lot, such as shock absorbers and tires are all new products. The gearbox, air-conditioning system, brakes, and regular maintenance are all very solid. Moreover, it is the right choice to mention the record. But don’t go with a vehicle whose stopwatch has been changed. Who knows if it is changed from 200,000 to 50,000 or 90,000 to 50,000? This kind of greed will pay off. So a second-hand car that can really be said to be a good one is a vehicle with a warranty record passport. But low mileage and lack of maintenance are not good things. In johar Bharu City, the average speed of office workers is usually less than 20 kilometers per hour. That is to say, if they run 8,000 kilometers, it takes more than 400 working hours. This is almost exactly the same as the average speed of a car with an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It is equal, so if the former has only been maintained once, is it a bit weird? So in johar Bharu, in theory, it is not a waste to maintain and replace the oil every five thousand kilometers, but it can really ensure the condition of the car. As a reference for buying a used vehicles online check car-like PERODUA VIVA and then I discuss with you the used car inspection rule.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a Used Car

Water soaking truck inspection before buying a used car:

  1. Open the hood to check whether there is any sludge left in the water tank, air-cooling fins, and front panel of the water tank (look down from below).
  2. Check the small parts next to the engine, the charging motor, the starting motor, the electrical socket, and the sludge at the seams between the left and right wheel turtles.
  3. Check the springs and the inner brown cloth of the front and rear seats (upside down) for residual sludge and musty smell.
  4. Check the remaining sludge at the hidden seams on both sides of the rear trunk seat (spare tire seat).
  5. There is a clear line of sludge in the “central pillar” (covered by a plastic trim) between the front and rear doors, indicating the height of the car’s soaking water (because there are too many dead joints in the pillar, it is not easy to clean).
  6. The second-hand car is excavated by the front and rear windshield rubber (from the inside of the car) with a screwdriver. If there is sludge inside, it is a fully foamed car. If the water exceeds the hood, it will be a fully foamed car (top off).

Accident car inspection:

1. You can see if the image of the sheet metal refracted light is flat in a light place. If there are curves or irregularities, the sheet may be over-sheeted, but the sheet is not the point, because the sheet can be broken. The car change station is the point! 2. In the engine room, you can see the radiator frame, the tails on both sides (the wheel arches) are flat, if there is a plate, it must be seen. If these two places have been done, the slight one is acceptable. If the range is too large Even if this car is big, the door arch and trunk of each door depends on whether the plate where the spare tire is placed is flat or not, but if this car is a cut trolley, you can’t see it. It is best to ask the store to make the roof high so that you can check the integrity of the car floor! 3. When some second-hand cars leave the factory, the glass will be printed with the same number as the body number (I remember like there is a good one). If there is no number or the number is different, you should pay more attention to it. There will also be numbers on the front and rear lamps. Take a closer look. Are the numbers on the left and right sides the same!

Document review of a used car:

The documentary evidence for the sale of used cars is a subordinate asset of this “movable property.” Although for official documents, a license application is sufficient, the user of the vehicle is not only to prove the ownership of the product but more importantly, to be able to use the car happily. Just imagine, if you want to buy a second-hand car , even the original factory certificate, license tax, fuel tax, license application registration form, and other documents are clearly displayed, at least it shows that the owner of the car really cherishes it.

The car should have a “factory certificate,” while domestically assembled cars have had it even earlier. The “factory certificate” should basically go with the car.

In addition, there is a warranty card, owner’s manual, etc. It is best to attach the sales catalog at that time so that it can be said to be quite complete. Most of the second-hand car owner’s manuals will also have maintenance records for three or two years of warranty. If they can be kept, it will be of immense merit to second-hand buyers. Of course, nowadays the popularization of information applications, or the factory’s maintenance records have been completely recorded in the factory’s computer system, all warranty records can be clearly reported, and it is also good at using the vehicle.

There is a license application form that symbolizes the “origin”, and if there is a document similar to the “net worth investigation report” of the vehicle, not only can you buy it with peace of mind, but you can also use it with peace of mind. Imagine that if you buy a car from a person who can take care of the vehicle documents carefully, and the car itself is in good condition, how happy it is!

Interior of the used car.

Decoration and inspection: After looking at the exterior, of course, the interior decoration should not be overlooked. Some drivers are very fierce in their cars and will not treat seats or seats well. In case there are many internal problems, this is far more annoying than exterior defects. It is very likely that there is no place for repairs, and the trouble is extremely high. If the instrument panel is in condition, the disassembly is also a major project. The door trim is broken, the parts are still missing, the seat is damaged, and the chair is not easy to replace. One sheet. Poor usage habits, if the assembly is loosened, the whole car will be noisy when it is on the road in the future, which is even more unspeakable for consumers who pay attention to the quality of life. Therefore, the interior decoration seems to be indifferent, but it is really troublesome. You must not know the importance of interior decoration when you sell or buy a used car.

Look at the driver’s seat first, sit on it, and feel, is the chair upright? Will it be left or right? If so, it must be to the right. There is no place to change such a backrest. Obviously, this second-hand car is often used. If the seat is used to the side, the mileage must not be low. If the number displayed on the computer is not high, this will be a sign of a problem car. Look at the glove box and the ashtray, this is a good way to get to know the previous hand. People who love cars usually clean them whether they smoke or not. If the glove box has maintenance and repair bills, you can get a better grasp of the car calendar. Is it normal to pull the armrest and handle? Use the control button to confirm whether it is usable or not. Look through the carpet a bit, has it been sorted out? Is it wet? Moldy? Is it rusty? Take a look and feel under the seat. If you adjust it manually, give it a try. The backrest adjustment should also be tried.

Then look at the back seat. Usually, the back seat of the car is the most perfect. Unless there are quite naughty children, if the front hand is often picking up children, there will be signs of softness in the back seat, which requires careful attention. Confirm that all functions are still usable. Because the interior is the weakest part of all auto companies’ after-sales service operations, if it is broken, it may be no longer usable and I have to care about it. Some people buy a new car and put on the seat cover immediately, plus a set of replacement and wash, until the sale, it is leather, velvet, suede, etc., are reserved for the starter. Buying such a car with an interior is really amazing.

Finally, look carefully at the luggage. There is a lot of messy car luggage, and there is a lot of mildew, so it is necessary to look under the carpet. The rust and repair can be seen at a glance. You should thank God for finding a car with the luggage clean and fresh.

Price and depreciation of used car :

The depreciation of used cars is basically inseparable from the entire new car market. If the price of a new car has a large discount space, which depreciation of a used car must also expand?

However, if the new car sales channel is strong, the entire brand’s after-sales service system is also quite sound, and the quality of the car is affirmed, of course, it is easy to win the love of most consumers. In addition, if the brand is strong and there are many people trying to own it, even a second-hand car can also set off the identity and can use the vehicle with peace of mind. Under this phenomenon, lower depreciation and strong second-hand car prices have become an inevitable phenomenon.

On the other hand, almost all types of vehicles that are extremely depreciated are caused by the lack of brand charm of the new car or the poor stability of the vehicle quality. Or the after-sales maintenance system of new car dealers is too weak, lacks the ambition to serve customers, and the enthusiasm for customer service. As a result, fewer consumers are willing to buy new cars. Used car depreciation will be relatively high, used car prices are also relatively cheap. Although consumers of second-hand cars can buy vehicles at a lower cost, the relative risks they need to take will be much higher.

1. Foreword:

The first profit you can enjoy when buying a second-hand car is to avoid the high depreciation rate of the new car in one year, and you can enjoy the excellent driving feeling of the vehicle parts after the running-in period. But smart you, just imagine buying a second-hand car at the same time as mentioned above. Is there such a benefit? ” Used cars are high-risk and low-price? 』Under the situation of being unable to see the condition of the car, if you want to avoid the high depreciation rate of the new car and buy a second-hand car, then you have to risk the loss of the vehicle maintenance amount or the value of the car in poor condition.

2. Market information of used car prices :

Generally speaking, a high-quality car with no repair history and normal vehicle parts second-hand car market level, the statistics can be obtained through the price mechanism used car magazine market to get this second-hand car market-level information. The car must be verified by the vehicle condition, and its appraisal ability has a technical threshold. Therefore, this is the main reason why consumers nowadays know that the price of used car auctions is about 20 to 30% lower than that of ordinary second-hand car dealers and cannot participate in the auction.

3. Crossing the threshold of used car condition appraisal :

Having said so much, the author is not pouring cold water to tell everyone not to participate in the auction of used car auctions, but to encourage and provide everyone with the appraisal threshold for solving the above-mentioned used car condition. The methods provided are as follows:

1. To participate in the bidding at a used car auction house that provides an appraisal of the condition of the auction car :

To provide a professional and accurate appraisal of the condition of the vehicle, it has established a credible, fair and objective mechanism for second-hand car auctions field, to exempt from the risk of auction vehicle condition by providing its information transparency, a new era is to buy a used car the necessary solution when, also make the used car industry to pay attention to the interests of consumers as a starting point, not to earn a master The excessive profits obtained by the vehicle condition information turned to the establishment of a [brand]-centered business route to normalize the development trend of the industry.

2. Participate in short-term used car condition appraisal training class:

This is the only way to reduce the risk of vehicle conditions, but how to spend the least time to learn the skills of car viewing is a choice knowledge, but you should not spend too much time learning to buy a second-hand car. Then you must choose to study through a systematic, scientific and institutionalized examination course. Only with the basic verification and identification skills, coupled with the provision of transparent information on the verification results of professional vehicle auctions, you will be able to cross the identification threshold of second-hand car conditions and enjoy the auction activities of second-hand car auctions. But…

3. The result of the verification is not equal to the market situation:

“The result of the verification is not equal to the market situation” The vehicle value appraisal can only be carried out after the vehicle condition verification result is released. Just checking is not equal to the market, it can only be said to be an important factor affecting the market. So how do you know the price of a used car? To put it simply, the relationship between the verification result and the market situation is: the verification result will give an index to the car condition, and different car conditions will have different indexes, based on the age of the car, brand value, coldness and popularity, and the price of replacement parts. After calculating the market’s accepted market conditions, the result of adding or decreasing the value of this car based on different car condition indexes is the possible price range of this second-hand car.

Conclusion :

At this point, you should already know that smart to do homework is: as long as have the used car market-level information plus learning the basics of forensic investigation given skills, and be familiar with the rules of the game each film market. Kew hoong multiplied by the used-car racket How difficult is it to acquire a second-hand car with high quality and low price?

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