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What are the Steps to Configure the Linksys WiFi Extender Manually?

by Monica Barnes

The Linksys WiFi Extender helps to reduce the dead spots by boosting up the speed of the wifi signal range. Moreover, Linksys helps to increase the coverage of the network so that each and every person can access the internet without any hurdles. Along with expanding the range, it has a spot finder technology that finds each and every little spot so you get a hassle-free wifi connection. Also, you don’t need to take the burden to place the extender. Its LED lights help you to find an optimum location where it can connect to all the prospective wireless devices.

What are the Steps to Configure the Linksys WiFi Extender Manually

With the easy push-button for the Linksys extender setup, and then it starts working with all kinds of wifi routers. It can be built with the existing networking 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wifi routers, windows, access points, tablets, and those gadgets which are capable of providing wifi services. If we talk about the technical specification of the device then the dimensions of the device are 78 inches L x 14 inches W x 8 millimeters thick.

Linksys WiFi Extender Configuration Steps manually

The setup of the Linksys wifi extender can be done by the web-based setup page. It has been specially invented to kill the dead spot from your house and provide you with a strong and smooth internet speed. Hence the speed of the wireless extender can be increased when the setup of the extender performs very well. The very prior thing that is required for the web-based setup is its web address that is extender.linksys.com. It helps you to perform the configuration of the extender manually. Read this article wholly and try to avoid missing a single process.

Linksys Web-Based Interface Configuration

For the web-based configuration of the extender, firstly connect the wifi extender by using the power cable and then connect to the power outlet. You can use an ethernet cable to the ethernet port of the wireless device so that the computer and the laptop can easily access the connection of the wireless extender. Also, ensure that there should be no cuts on the cable and the Ethernet port should also work fine. All the cable connections should be rigid to the extender device. Now simply open the internet browser on your PC or laptop and then type extender.linksys.com into the address bar. In the end, hit enter, and then you are safely accessed to the credential page of the Linksys extender.

What details should be entered onto the Linksys Login page?

Once you access the login page then you need to enter the credential details. The credential details are the username and the password. On the Login page, you find two blank bars. One bar is for the email which is also called the username and the other bar is for the password. If you are logging into the page for the first time then the username and the password is the “admin”. These details you can get on the label which is printed on the extender device. On the label, you get details like the SSID network name, Security key, MAC address, or serial number which helps you to access the login page. After entering the details click on the login button and then you are securely reaching the homepage of the Linksys extender. Hence you can change the wifi password and username for your convenience.

What to do when you are unable to log into the Linksys wireless extender page?

When you access the Linksys home page by using the web user interface with linksyssmatwifi.com then you can also get access to customize into the advanced settings of the wireless extender. There are many reasons which may stop you from logging in to the web page. You can check whether the connection is established with the extender or not. Another reason is that the device is unable to detect the internet connection but still it is connecting to the device. You can solve this problem by applying these tips practically.

Check the computer connection with the Linksys extender

You can check the connection of the extender with the computer. This will ensure that the wifi name should be connected to the name of the range extender. You can click on the PC and then access the web-based interface, it helps you to show you the SSID name of the device. If you find that you are not connected with the same name of the network SSID then check the available wifi list. On that list, find your network name and then enter the security key and join the network connection of the Linksys extender.

Check the LED indicator or Power Cycle the Linksys extender

The LED lights of the extender help you to identify the network status of the wireless extender. Different blinking of the LED instructs you with a different indication which you have to identify. Along with that, it also helps you to find a suitable location for the extender. You can check the product manual guide for the LED instructions so that you can connect to the secure internet connection without getting into any hurdle.

If this step does not work then you can power cycle the range extender. First, you need to disconnect and then connect to the power outlet. Henceforth, wnt for the LED to guide you the working ability of the range extender.

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