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Vancouver web design and development

by Julia Rubalcava

Web Solutions: At Vancouver web design and development company the team of designers and programmers united to create and develop the best solution for your internet business. Specialized in all forms of web design and programming, the team creates responsive and optimized websites for companies and professionals of any size and segment.

Graphic Design: Team of creative and qualified designers to create the best image for your company, product or service. Visual identity, artwork for printed material (stationery) and digital, vectorization and image processing.

web design and development

Main Services of Vancouver web design and Development Company

Website Creation

Complete solutions for creating responsive websites optimized for Google. Development of business, personal, promotional and manageable websites. Creation of blogs, hot sites and landing pages. Custom and exclusive layouts.

Website Update

Services suitable for those who already have a website published or not and want to update texts or images, complement information, optimize performance, adapt to new internet standards, create a new layout or create specific functionalities.

Website Optimization

Analysis of the structure, programming and content of the website, which aims to define and apply the best techniques responsible for optimizing the performance and positioning of the website in organic search results from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Virtual Catalogs

Creation of an online catalog covering a variety of segments. Indicated for those who need to attract potential customers through the exhibition of their products. Manageable catalog that allows the management of products and information.

Web systems

Development of customized systems for the operational management of your business. Modular systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, making management more practical, dynamic and efficient.

Web marketing

Digital marketing to promote products or brands through digital media. Set of online activities aimed at attracting new business and creating relationships. Main strategies such as SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

Website hosting

Website hosting services. Servers located in Brazil and with modern technologies and resources. CMS applications, traffic, storage space and mailboxes according to plans. Monthly access report and webmail.

Graphic design

Logo creation, visual identity, creation of final arts for printed material such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders, folders, flyers, catalogs and prescriptions. Digital material such as presentations, folders, email marketing, banners, catalogs.


Portfolio of recent work by Detecta Design. Creation and development of websites using modern tools and technologies, following international web development standards.

Web design

Vancouver web design and development company is a specialist in Web Design and has several years of experience in this area.

Today, a website is an essential part of any business. With a website, your business works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a cheap and effective form of dissemination, which allows you to reach your target audience very quickly and with little effort.

✓ Available 24h a day

Have you ever imagined how much it would cost to maintain a space open 24 hours a day, to serve all customers looking to buy your services or products? Very expensive indeed. With our Web Design service, we can create a website that has the advantage of being always available, without needing to be present.

✓ Reach thousands of people

Your store or office is limited to a maximum number of customers that it can accommodate at the same time. Not your site! These days, there are few people who are not present in the digital world. That’s where they do their research for information, purchases, reservations, etc. With a website, you can reach and serve thousands of people at the same time, without any effort.

✓ Increase sales

At the end of the day, we know that what really matters is the results, that is, how much you will earn. By increasing your reach, notoriety and credibility in the market, with the creation of a website, the possibilities of increasing the number of sales is much greater.

If your company is not yet at the level you want, maybe this is the right time to move into the digital world and create a website. Furthermore, the site gives you the opportunity to create more partnerships and attract investors.

Strengthen your brand

We cannot deny that, today, it is essential to be online if you want your company to be recognized. If you have a website and your competition doesn’t, it’s definitely an advantage you have over them. In addition, you can use your website to create articles about your area of business, giving advice and tips. This creates authority, as it shows that your company is an expert in a certain area and that your goal is not just to sell, but to create value for consumers.

✓ Conveys credibility and trust

Transmitting trust is the key to a successful negotiation between company and customer. So, if your website is functional and has a good design, you can more easily gain the trust of your audience. Nowadays, consumers already expect companies to have a website. And there you can put testimonials from people who bought your products or services. Which gives you much more credibility with future customers.

✓ Creates customer relationship

Having a website allows your customers to follow information and content about your business on a daily basis. In this sense, the best way to gain new customers and retain current ones is to create a relationship with them. Through your website, you can offer many more benefits, such as free content, holding raffles, sending the latest news directly to your customers’ emails and much more.

✓ Reduces costs

Creating a website costs much less than other means of dissemination. You will have the opportunity to reach a large number of people without having to leave your home. Unlike a physical store, which has costs of rent, maintenance, employees, etc., your website needs very little maintenance and you can manage it yourself.

To complement our Web Design service, we also have SEO services , online store, Google Adwords , Email Marketing, Copywriting services and others.

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