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Using Custom Mailer Box Packaging for Wooing Existing and New Shoppers

by Monica Barnes

The global pandemic has changed the retail landscape. Whether you have an everyday commodity store, apparel outlet, or a home accessory brand, how do you want to delight the post-COVID customers? Creating a pleasing and memorable experience is essential to bring them back for making repeat purchases. Product packaging remains one of the vital elements that can be used to increase consumer satisfaction levels. Pair it up with personalized mailers, and you will be able to make your business unforgettable for the buyers.

Using Custom Mailer Box Packaging for Wooing Existing and New Shoppers

Sending the ordered items in beguiling custom printed mailer boxes would make the recipients feel elated and excited to explore more about your e-store. Utilize the space on shipping packaging for telling the customers about the super saver deals and upcoming products that might interest them. You can make the most of the boxes for highlighting the uniqueness of your brand and offerings. If you want the delivery packaging to leave an indelible imprint on the shoppers, get it custom made by a smart and skilled printer. Pick a printing solutions provider that offers you trendy designs and the latest techniques. Take your time to compare the service standards of online and local vendors before making your preference.

Think about ways you can use the boxes for surprising the buyers and making them feel special.

Here are some tips for inspiration!

Add a Handwritten Card with Customer’s Name

The tradition of sending letters and greeting cards was very genial. You can use it on your mailers to give the consumers a gesture that you value and appreciate their choosing you over other brands. Attach a card to the delivery packaging with a warm thank you note. You can keep the text the same and change the name of the recipient accordingly. This would compel the shoppers to keep the box and card with them as a valuable keepsake; they will also vouch for your business on social media.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes with Thoughtful Gifts

Getting gifts with their ordered products would make the buyers feel overjoyed. You can have the small and useful items sorted to send away as presents that remind the customers of your retail brand and encourage them to buy more from you. You can also use decorative accessories like ribbons and paper butterflies attached to the packaging to enhance its appeal. Discount coupons and vouchers can also be used as surprise offers.

Packaging that gives Sneak Peek of Consumer Rewards

Use the boxes for incentivizing the shoppers to stick to your products, mention the rewards, loyalty programs, and other perks you offer to regular customers. The information shouldn’t be shared using marketing words with a sales pitch, tell the buyers casually what they get entitled to on placing frequent orders. Custom mailer boxes should have your brand’s consumer-centric values and vision to build rapport with the customers.

Send them free samples of your newest items within the packaging to pique the interest of recipients. The boxes should be spacious and user friendly to get utilized in multiple ways; this will make your brand’s name and logo notable.

Let the Legacy Printing carve your retail custom boxes at an attractive price in minimal time. The packaging manufacturer never disappoints its clients by being persistent with service quality. For wholesale printing, check out the amazing packages!

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