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The Ultimate Guide To Content Link Building!

by Monica Barnes

There is the biggest myth in the web world that quality content is sufficient to get more traffic. Frankly, it is a wrong myth. There are thousands of site owners who have hundreds of quality content, but still, they are not able to rank their website on search engines. They need to take their content to an extra higher level. For this, they need content link building now the thing is that so many site owners are not familiar with this process, and they are still finding the best way to achieve their goals. If you are one of them, then your research will end here, as, in this chapter, we will deliver the best ideas of building content links.

The Ultimate Guide To Content Link Building

Find the best keywords:

There is no need to write a 3000 words article if you didn’t have the right keyword. Your efforts are going to be useless. It will end up with a maximum of 100 reaches per month. So, before you are going to write a magnet article, you need to find the most searched keyword related to your niche. For this, you can take help from the google keyword tool. You can type a few words of your niche to find out the best keywords of the google keyword tool that didn’t find the competitive keywords for you; then, you can also. Use a free keyword tool named as Semrush. While finding the best keywords, you will have to follow a few rules.

  • Make sure the keywords are well researched and capable of providing accurate information.
  • Keywords should speak directly to the targeted audience.
  • Long-tail keywords are better than short keywords.

Make something better than others:

For a good content link building, you will have to make the content better than your competitors. There is a lot of competition in the web world. Hundreds of websites are working on the same niche. They all have the potential to reach their content at another level. So if you want to be in the race, you have to create something that can give them a tough face-off. Otherwise, you are going to disqualify from the race or you can buy blogs from the reliable company.

1. Content weakness:

Sometimes, even after a lot of effort, you wouldn’t be able to build higher content links. Now the time is to avoid depression and to search for the weak points of your content. First, make sure that your contents are delivering up to date information. There are so many niches that do not demand up to date articles, as they have evergreen information that doesn’t change as per the time. But if your niche is not one of them, then try to make it up to date.

2. Design:

Design is one of the essential aspects of link building that doesn’t get discussed by the SEO experts often. But it plays a key role in the quality content links earning. If your design is catchy, the audience will probably be attracted to it, and you will get more attention to your website. In the most popular SEO books, the design factor is considered one of the greatest ways to get profits from content links. But it needs infographics which are highly expensive. That’s why many site owners used to avoid it.


In the final wrap, we want to tell our readers that if you are an SEO expert is denying to build content links, then immediately try for another resource instead of working with the same guy. We repeat the quality content is not enough for content link building or to gain more profits. You will need to follow the steps given in this article.

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