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The Effects Of CBD Capsules Before Bed

by Monica Barnes

If you struggle or have ever had an issue with sleeping or even worse had a spell of insomnia then you will know all too well how extremely exhausting it can be and the toll it takes on your body. Tossing and turning all night, unable to switch off your mind which seems to be running at 100 miles an hour going through every list imaginable of things to do, buy, or complete can make a person crazy.

The Effects Of CBD Capsules Before Bed

There are old stories of methods such as counting sheep to help create the monotony needed to drift off, or to have an intense workout session at the gym, and having a hot shower afterward will help relax your body to simply nod off as you climb into bed. While these may work for some people (and they are very few) and if you need help sleeping then finding a permanent solution is vital to not completely burning out.

The issue with the prescribed options on the market, however, usually involves some form of chemical irrespective of its dosage or strength, and in the long run, becomes an issue in itself. You need help using natural and organic ingredients or processes and something manageable while not affecting your health or nutrition. Thankfully, there is a plant compound that has been discovered to do just that, CBD.

Sleep aid

Cannabidiol known as CBD for short has been treating health issues for centuries both physically and mentally and royals long ago would infuse the flower and roots into their tea (see here https://www.discovermagazine.com/health/cbd-tea-how-to-make-the-perfect-cup for a great recipe to add to your diet and meal plan or simply to take a breather during the day) for help with menstrual cramps, but more so to send them off blissfully to dreamland. The cannabinoid receptors found in this plant compound are extremely similar to the CB1 receptors within our bodies therefore it is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to target any problem areas.

The CB1 receptors combined with CB2 receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system and are found in the brain and spinal cord region, the neuro system, and this is responsible for the regulation and maintenance of messages being sent around the body and to or from the brain. When these pulses are irregular they can cause a buildup and be sent all at once causing the body to go into shock and in people with epilepsy to trigger seizures.

Taking CBD also helps to relax you, distress your mind, and give you the chance to unwind after a busy day. Popping a capsule in your mouth and then sipping some cinnamon and rooibos tea makes for the perfect combination, light a candle with background music, there will be no stopping you from feeling Zen, right? If this sounds like the perfect end to the week then be sure to shop for your dose of Cannabidiol supplements, capsules, and other goodies for an improved night routine and better sleep sessions going forward.

Doing that little bit extra

Now that you have found a chemical-free option to help with your nighttime sleep episodes if any, there are other ways to support the new ingredient in your life, let’s look at some ways of how you can make the most of closing off the day.

  • Set time. Deciding on a regular set bedtime (and trying your best to stick to it) can help to get a routine in place as quickly as possible, this then coincides with your internal clock and your body and mind automatically get into a rhythm of preparing for bed.
  • Electronics. Studies have shown that ditching the electronics at least 2 hours before bed makes a significant difference in the quality of sleep you can get. Your mind takes time to slow down so reading a book or listening to an audiobook while cozied up between the covers could be an alternative option if simply doing nothing doesn’t sound like an option for you.

There is an interesting article on the topic if you click here you can read all about how sleep and electronics negatively impact each other and why it’s best to wean yourself off of them.

  • Shower or bath. We have all seen the adverts where the tub is filled to the top with bubbles and the person is breathing in relaxing aromas and steam and seems to not have a care in the world, well that could be you. A hot bath or shower before bed relaxes the muscles and flopping into bed afterward is such a satisfying feeling.
  • Meditation. This may not be for everyone, sure, but giving it a try once a week won’t hurt will it. You have the chance to clear your mind of everything, focus on yourself fully, and stretch tight and aching muscles from sitting hunched all day at your desk.
  • Snack. A CBD tea can do you the world of good, but perhaps a glass of warm milk or a light snack could help settle you for the evening, trying something is better than doing nothing at all.

We all deserve to be able to put our heads down at night, close our eyes, and breathe a big sigh as we let out all our worries and anxiety and ideally slip into a deep and restful sleep, and if CBD is showing to be the answer to this issue then what have you got to lose?

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