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Niagara falls, Which Side is Better US or Canada

by Monica Barnes

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in the world and most of us have this wonderful image in mind. Yet, the geography of this popular attraction might be a bit fuzzier. The reason behind this is that Niagara Falls is located in two countries, Canada and the USA. Now, a lot of people get confused about how to go to Niagara falls and which side they should go from. This is the sole reason why I am here with you. Today I will be telling you about both sides of the coin. By reading this blog, you can understand why you should visit Niagara Falls. So, here we go.

Niagara falls, Which Side is Better US or Canada

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Niagara Falls, USA

Niagara Falls USA is among the biggest known and most famous tourist attractions in the world. The Niagara falls American side might not seem that exciting at the first sight, but, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Niagara Falls in the United States is full of luxury restaurants, cafes and casinos. Thus, below are some attractions and things to do in Niagara Falls USA.

Attractions In Niagara Falls USA

Niagara Falls provides you with a lot of attractions. Below are some attractions that you might be interested in.

Niagara Falls, Maid of the Mist

You love Niagara Falls but do not know about the Maid of the Mist? The Maid of the mist is the best place Niagara Falls would ever offer. It has been the best site for travelers since 1846. One significant thing about the maid of the mist is that it does not only provide new and unparalleled views of the falls but, it takes visitors right into the falls. So, prepare to get soaked!

Niagara Falls, Cave of the Winds

The Cave of the Winds is another unique experience for visitors. It allows the traveler to get close to Niagara falls. You can not get closer than this. What you can do is, to simply walk up to the Bridal veil falls through viewing decks and walkways. One tip that I would like to pass is, go at night because the falls will be lit in numerous magnificent colors. You may get to see the fireworks.

Niagara Falls State Park

You can easily walk or drive through Niagara falls state park. There will not be any problem, because you will only have to pay for parking. You and your friends or kids will get an amazing opportunity to get close to the falls. Just pack a picnic lunch.

Old Falls Street In Niagara Falls

Although Old falls street spans a few blocks, it does not mean it cannot give you the enjoyment you need. The place hosts numerous concerts, festivals, activities for kids and families. Especially Saturdays, because Saturdays are dedicated to families. You can experience cooking demonstrations, life-sized board games, and crafts and arts.

Recommended Accommodations At Niagara Falls, US

If you are looking for the right accommodation in Niagara falls US, you will have nothing to worry about. Because there are a lot of luxurious Hotels available for you. Below are some of the best hotels Niagara falls, US can offer.

The Red Coach Inn At Niagara Falls

The red coach inn is among the best Hotels you can find in the place. The Hotel was built to resemble the famous bell inn in Finedon, England. The Red Coach Inn has been welcoming hundreds of guests since 1923. Astonishing!!! Right?

Prices: 194$

The Giacomo Hotel At Niagara Falls

The Giacomo is an Ascend Hotel Collection Member. The hotel is situated near the Maid of the mist. The Giacomo Hotel is within the walking distance of the magnificent Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Similar to the Niagara Falls US side, Niagara falls Canada is no less when it comes to fun. The Canadian Niagara Falls offers numerous oddballs museums, dozens of chain restaurants. And flashy arcades. Niagara Falls Ontario Canada itself provides numerous tourists attractions that easily compete with the ones in the US. Thus here are a few things to do on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Attractions In Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls Canada offers a lot of new attractions that can blow your mind. Therefore, below are some of the best attractions Niagara falls Canada has to offer.

Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Wanna see the Canada Maid of the Mist, just go to Hornblower Niagara Cruises. You can book a catamaran that will hold more than 700 people. By doing this, you can ride straight into the horseshoe falls. If you are with your family and feel uncomfortable with this many people, book a private charter that will hold some 150 people.

Wildplay’s MistRider Zipline to the Niagara Falls

The Wild plays Mistrider Zipline was introduced in the year 2016. This is a fun place for all visitors. Kids of age seven and above can get the chance to go straight towards the famous horseshoe falls. By doing this, you can take numerous and unbelievable views from both sides of Niagara Falls.

Skylon Tower In Niagara Falls

Every destination tower is decorated to offer the best views. Yet, sometimes those views might not fascinate you. But, this is not the case with the sky touching Skylon tower. This great man-made wonder reaches some 775 feet. The major goal of this tower is to provide the best view of both Niagara falls in the US and Canada.

Niagara Falls SkyWheel

When you hear the word sky wheel, what comes to your mind? The great London Eye? Well, the Niagara Skywheel is no dissimilar. This sky wheel is situated on Clifton hill. The wheel provides a great view of Canada Niagara Falls. It is the biggest and greatest observation wheel in Canada, going up to 175 feet.

Journey Behind the Niagara Falls

The Journey behind the falls is quite similar to the New York famous cave of the winds. Yet, the Journey behind the falls gives the visitor a chance to visit the Great Falls portal and Cataract Portal.

Recommended Hotels In Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls Ontario offers a lot of Hotels that are both luxurious and comfortable. Although the rates of these Hotels are a bit high, this does not mean that you write them off the list. Below is a list of the best Hotels Niagara Falls Canada can provide.

  • Canada’s Best Value Inn
  • Ramada Plaza Niagara Falls
  • A1 Star Inn Motel

Final Word

We have examined both Niagara Falls USA and Niagara Falls Canada. So, tell me which is better, Niagara Falls Canada, or the USA? Well, in my opinion, this debate of Niagara Falls US vs Canadian side is nothing but a child’s game. For travelers, sides do not matter. No matter which side you visit, whether you go on a day trip to Niagara falls from new york or you go to Niagara Falls from Ontario, you will experience an equal amount of comfort and fun.

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