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Best Birthday Vegetarian Thali

by Monica Barnes

The battle, which food variety is better, whether the vegetarian or is non-vegetarian. This battle is not new, but this battle is coming from an early time. The battle is running for a long time because the number who eat vegetarians or non-vegetarian is very high. The number of people who like to eat vegetarian food is very big. The people who eat non-vegetarian food are also in very big numbers. But, you know what things have changed from the past.

Best Birthday Vegetarian Thali

The number of vegetarians people increase because of the non-vegetarian people that also like to eat vegetarian food. The reason behind it can be anything, people get more delicious food from a vegetarian. People do not like non-vegetarian food. If you also like to eat vegetarian food, then we give you some of the famous and most delicious Indian vegetarian food. Which comes not as a single food item to eat, but with a lot of food in a thali. You should try the Indian vegetarian thali, you like to eat vegetarian thali.

Goan vegetarian thali

You have thought about it or not, you hear that we are talking about a vegetarian thali. Not only in any other place but in this place, it is very difficult to find. But this is possible, you can have one in the goa. You know, you can have this thali to eat without going to Goa as well. You have this just like, as you have to buy any special birthday flowers bouquet and gift online. The thali, which has no sense of non-vegetarian food. Now I will tell you about the food, which you get in the Goan thali. You will get rice, salad, sol kadi, Shallowly fried, Semolina soaked phudi that is made from vegetables. Which vegetables are only found in Goa and this food also you only found in Goa. If you come to Goa and you do not eat coconut curry, daali toye, tambri, patal bhaji. The bhaji made from red leaves usually, the dal is more watery than you find in other dal. If you find all this in your thali, then you should think that your Goan thali is completed. If you want to taste the amazing food of Goan thali, then tell us how you like the food of this thali.

Malwa thali

About this thali, you may not hear about it from many people. Because this thali is not so popular, and people do not eat it. The two main foods of this thali are bafna and paaniya. The paaniya is made from flour, whether you have corn or wheat. The second bafna is made from Toor dal. With it, you get only dal, rice, salad, sweet and seasonal vegetables. With all these food items the malwa thali is completed. As you see it as very simple, that is why it is not so popular as a comparison to other thali. You can try this thali if you love to eat simple types of food.

Andhra thali

If you love to eat spicy food, then you must try this thali. Because this thali has so many spices, and you know this thali doesn’t hide it in. Whether you may get to see the spice in the food very easily. This thali or any other thali of Andhra does not start without sambar and rasam. With it you get to eat Parripu podis, Baingan subzi, Avakai, Gongura, and rice. Whether you can have this thali delivery on your house as well, whether from an online gift and flowers delivery shop. You may get shocked to know, that one is a pickle, sour leaves, dry chatni powder, and many things in it. You know, this thing you can do if you like to eat spice food or not. If you do not like it, then you can have this thali with curd.

Kashmiri thali

The thali has walnut chutney, haak, phirni, Nadu, Kashmiri dam aloo, kahwah, Kashmiri roti, and many more things. You know, the walnut chutney is very tasteful to eat. Whether the aloo is fully cooked in curry. Whether roti you find in Kashmir, that has a taste of spice in it as well. Whether the phirni is a thing, which is sweet of Kashmiri. No matter with what you start your thali, you must end it with Yahweh. Yahweh is a lot of things, which is about Kashmiri thali, but as less you know. As delicious you feel when you eat.

Some thali has a spice, then other sweet and other both mixture as well. So it upon you which vegetarian thali you want to eat.

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