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How to Run a Business like your Practice

by Monica Barnes

This week’s question:

I presented timely ideas in the presentation:

“How to run your business.”

During the registration process for this training, I opened it for you to ask before the questions so that I could address them during the presentation.

Here is a sample of the flood of questions that came from surgeons everywhere in the United States:

How do I know the value of my practice?

Where can I find and train good staff, and encourage them?

an What is a cheap projector, and what is mine compared to my competitors?

How much should I spend on brand marketing for new patients in the brand, and where should I spend it?

Should I include a nurse injector or NP? If so, how do I pay them?

Although the questions were different, most of them resulted in your favorite answer to an important question, which was.

How do I find a smooth running exercise with the right staff that helps me and stays busy and profitable even though competition is all around me, so I know I’m growing and growing?

How to Run a Business like your Practice

Catherine’s answer:

This is a heavy question but it is not so difficult to answer. The solution will explain to you that you want to extend your cosmetic practice without working more hours and hiring more staff.

Once you understand the business principles of any successful practice, you will quickly see how taking advantage of your skills, effort and resources takes your practice to a whole different level and gives you a clear and concise picture. Provides the peace of mind you are trying to find.

Here are the practical rules you need to be in to get into today’s crazy competitive, complex and saturated market.

Make a team of rock stars.

You need a team of rock stars who are trained and motivated to ensure your success.

The type of staff that has your back

  • Who sings your praises for potential patients with impatience and cheerfulness.
  • Who cares about your current patients and treats them like family. And
  • Who work together as a team.

Because it opens another door that you don’t want to do.

Prohibit high-staff business, uncomfortable working environment, stress, or God, embezzlement. None of this will happen when you know it correctly.

Strategic marketing and planning

So, what is the easiest way to enhance your cosmetic practice? Is this SEO? PPC? Consumer directories? social media?

As you can see, the list is endless which makes it easy to insist on being defeated so please listen to this.

I know that the most successful surgeons are not opportunists.

I know that the most successful surgeons are strategic.

Instead of pursuing marketing tactics, they formulate a comprehensive and strategic business plan using a specific formula.

They implement a marketing machine on the autopilot to soften the cosmetic patients who come to them.

Set standards so you don’t compete on price.

Because cosmetic patients have so many choices today, they are also confused.

They have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of price versus price then choose the easiest option for them.

So how does one position oneself because the most suitable option? You are “pre-framed” because using logic, emotion and personal reasons is the best choice because they are going to give you the easiest result and patient experience after saying yes.

Organize your practice to grow.

A successful cosmetic practice is done on matrix, also the expected income as a process and system.

The secret is to observe these metrics regularly so that you can get things done smoothly. You will also see clearly what you want to deal with.

As a place of trouble, so you will never be blinded by surprise.

Want more? Check out this free training you have created for yourself to run your cosmetic practice like a profitable business.

What’s the hardest part about expanding your cosmetic practice?

What skills or knowledge made the most significant difference in your development?

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