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How Much Does it Cost to Ship Your Car?

by Monica Barnes

So, you’ve decided to move across the country in your car. You’ve packed everything in a pretty organized fashion and secured the load. The next step is figuring out how much it will cost to get your vehicle from point A to point B. Deciding when you need the job done can also determine how much it costs and whether or not you want any additional service. This article will go over the various services involved in car shipping, how much they cost, and the time frame.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Your Car

Services involved in car shipping:

Car carrier services Typically, car shipping providers use a network of different trucking companies to move vehicles. Depending on the size and weight of the load, they may have to pick from various sizes and types of trucks. For your vehicle to be considered by these trucking companies, you need to know its GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), which is the combined weight of the loaded vehicle with all fluids, passengers, and cargo on board.

Container shipping Carriers will generally transport small-sized loads in containers throughout cross-country routes depending on where their satellites are set up across North America. The price depends on several factors, including port destination – LOS ANGELES or NEW YORK CITY – final destination city and weight and dimensions of the load.

Open transport carriers For larger loads, open transport is a low-cost option for carrying cars and other large machinery over great distances. Generally, available transportation comes with no additional services or coverages unless otherwise stated in the quote/order form. Since there is also no overhead on the driver’s part when loading and unloading your car, these services are often less expensive than others.

Shipping by boat Carriers that offer boat shipping will generally use either container ships or Ro/Ro (roll-on roll-off) vessels, depending on the size of your vehicle and its origin. Because boats move at a much slower pace than trucks and trains, this method takes longer to get from one point to another. The advantage is that you can load and unload these boats with your vehicle more easily than other methods of transport.

How much time does it take?

Car shipping costs vary depending upon both which service you choose and when you need the job done. If you are on a tight schedule, prices will generally be higher because companies may have to pay for expedited shipping options – meaning they may lose money if they cannot book the order in advance. On average, ocean travel takes about 30 days while trains can reach their destination within 2 weeks or less. Car carriers generally move vehicles cross country within 2-3 business days by ground transportation or air freight where available, although this can vary depending upon location. If you’re shipping a motorcycle, boat, or another vehicle that doesn’t require special climate-controlled conditions, you’ll likely have to wait up to 3 weeks for it to arrive by boat.

How much does it cost?

Car shipping providers may offer various services at different price points – some more expensive than others. For example, car carriers will typically provide full-service transport options as well as open transport services which come with several variables that affect the overall price tag, including weight and dimensions of the load; its origin city and destination city; port(s) picked up from and dropped off at; whether customers’ items are included in the load, among others. Different vessels will come with their price tags in terms of boats, and it’s important to note that the cost covers both the boat and its crew.

How do you get a quote?

To obtain an accurate cost estimate, you need to provide your car carrier with as much information as possible. Before they can provide you with an estimate that’s customized to your specifications, they will ask for this information: complete contact information including company name and phone number; vehicle make, model, and year; its GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight); the weight of the load; whether it contains personal items in addition to the vehicle itself; origin city and destination city; timeframe within which you want services completed by.

In conclusion

The cost of shipping your car depends on several factors, including the service you use, how fast you need it delivered to its destination and what type of transportation method is used – open transport carriers or containerized vessels. Generally, however, car shipping costs vary depending upon several factors, one of which includes weight. The heavier the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to ship; other variables impacting this price include dimensions (size), origin city, and destination city.

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