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7 Tools That Makes Human Resources Easier

by Monica Barnes

HR professionals have a lot to contend with, particularly due to the great resignation. People are dealing with a great deal of stress and may not be especially happy at work. Finding out why and how to make it better is critical to success.

7 Tools That Makes Human Resources Easier

Find the Right Folks

Looking for folks to hire requires multiple touches and many sources. If you were to ask every employee to recommend a potential hire, how many names would you collect? If you have employees who feel they aren’t treated well, you’ve lost a recruiter. Finding a way to share concerns with complete anonymity is key to managing these challenging relationships.

Hire and Onboard Them

The early days of a new hire set the tone for their feelings about their job until the day they leave. In addition to personal connections, make sure your onboarding process is effective and engaging. Providing brand new employees with a buddy is more effective than a manual.

To make the employee onboarding process more satisfactory make sure that you get their technology set up quickly. Use enterprise office 365 onboarding or a similar program if you need to transfer or export a large amount of data to or from their company accounts.

Culture Helps Them Stay

Like it or not, we tend to seek out the company of those we’re accustomed to. If your business culture is looking an awful lot like the folks who already work there, you may be inadvertently telling potential applicants to work elsewhere. Consider starting a series of blind interviews to allow your hiring team to get a better understanding of the talent pool available and avoid the destruction of unconscious bias. Do you need a diversity officer? Absolutely. Does the organizational leadership understand why you need a diversity officer? Waking up to unconscious bias can be tough.

Give Appropriate Work

Once onboarded and trained, making sure that a new hire is getting appropriate work is key. Both boredom and overwhelm can sour the experiences of a new hire pretty quickly. Having a direct supervisor that can offer the necessary training support is critical to keeping your new employees both engaged and hopeful for future growth.

Train for Best Results

If a new employee is working hard but not coming up with accurate results, it’s time for some buddy training. Particularly in industries that involve high-level numbers work, the difference between quality work and an accurate outcome can be one simple alteration in the work product. Should you hear that a new hire is struggling, be ready to back up a bit and allow the new employee to review the steps of their initial training to find what was missed, fix it, and succeed!

Loyalty: Make Sure There Are Arrows at Both Ends of the Line

As noted above, many employees are dealing with a great deal of stress. Uncertainty around their children’s school schedules, challenges and stresses in their partner’s workloads, and concerns about everyone’s health may leave many employees feeling pretty stretched just getting to their desks. If you notice someone struggling, either by noting it in their appearance or their work product, they may need access to a bit more flexibility, such as the chance to work from home some days of the week. Make sure this is available to as many employees as possible.

Recruit with Those You Retain

Share testimonials from employees who recognize the benefits of company flexibility and training programs. If you want applicants to be seeking out work at your business, letting applicants, particularly college graduates, know that you’re representing an employer who values the growth of each employee is a wonderful way to put the rumor mill to work for your business. Each industry is the equivalent of a small town and gossip is always an issue. If your business has made management changes but is still seeing old, unhelpful online reviews, be aware that you can get such negative reviews removed or at least respond to demonstrate the changes that have been implemented.

The real power of human resources is in getting people to bring their best to a place that takes more than it gives. Even with the greatest job satisfaction, most people who have a career or hold down a job will have days when going to work is a tough burden. However, a quality HR department supports individual employees and teams to create a well of energy to support workers from the bottom up.

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