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5 Home Improvement Ideas to Include at Your Home

by Monica Barnes

Being at home due to the pandemic made many homeowners realize that they needed to do work around the house. Whether it was simply something as simple as getting more comfortable furniture or needing new appliances, being at home can be eye-opening. Continue reading if you have home improvement ideas that you want to include in your home.

The home improvement category involves a gamut of things that can be done around the home. It involves renovations, updates, and remodeling. Although many homeowners like to complete projects as DIY (do it yourself), many opt to spend the money and hire professionals for home improvement projects.

5 Home Improvement Ideas to Include at Your Home

In addition to making your home more conducive to your lifestyle, home improvements can also make your home better for sale at a later date. Some popular home improvement options that homeowners are doing are:

1. Install Crown Molding

Unlike the wrong kind of home mold, crown molding enhances rooms and adds value to a house. It is the trim used around doors, windows, and the ceiling on the interior of a home. It comes in different widths and cuts and can add depth to a room. Because it gets installed from corner to corner, many people use a professional carpenter to install crown molding. Crown molding is typically painted a lighter color than walls or a different paint finish to stand out.

2. Pool Heater Installation

Unlike the cool, crisp, and refreshing pool water that people crave in the summer, there is nothing better than getting into a pool of warm water during cooler months. It is not like the heat of a jacuzzi and yet can make fall and winter swimming feel amazing.

A pool heater filters the pool water through a filter that heats the water before dumping it back into the pool. It is beneficial to start the heater as early as you know that you’ll be taking a dip on a cool day to ensure that your water is evenly warmed. Pool specialists who make repairs can also offer you great services. For example, if you live in Florida, you will want to consider finding pool heater installation services in ocoee, fl to get the job done.

3. Attachable Bidet

A bidet is part of the toilet and is used to wash the genitals used in place of toilet paper. While other countries have embraced this for hygiene, the United States slowly uses bidets. Although some toilets are built with bidets, attachable bidets are just as effective.

Some benefits of bidets are:

  • Bidets limit the spread of germs from wiping.
  • Bidets enhance your experience in the bathroom.
  • Bidets could potentially lower a person’s risks of hemorrhoids.

4. Build A Bookshelf

A bookshelf is not only a space to store books, a bookshelf is a great place to display pictures, awards, and meaningful knick-knacks. As a home improvement project, a bookshelf can be built in any corner of a home and be as high as the ceiling or as long as the walls.

To build a bookshelf, the builder should have a template, pick out the wood, decide if they will be painting or staining, and then get to work.

5. Finishing The Basement

Many homeowners use a portion of their unfinished basement as a storage space. The other areas are simply part of the house. However, a finished basement can be a living space, adding value to the home and still leaving homeowners with storage space. A finished basement is an excellent place for entertaining and also makes a wonderful in-home apartment for college-aged children.

It isn’t a far-fetched idea for a homeowner to finish their basement as a DIY project. Although they need an electrician or certain special contractors, many homeowners successfully do their handiwork.

6. Add A Statement Wall

A statement wall is a wall in a room that immediately draws the eye to it. That is because the wall has something different from the other walls. Statement walls can be created using a paint color such as black, floor to ceiling pictures, or, most popular, pieces of drywall to create a subtle design or abstract. A statement wall can change the aesthetic of the room and add depth and character to it.

As you have read, home interior projects can be simple or elaborate. They change rooms and add value to a home. If you are considering a home improvement project for your home but not sure where to start, consider the projects listed above.

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