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6 Ways to Wear a Convertible Wrap Dress

by Monica Barnes

The convertible wrap dress has been in use for a very long time. It is versatile, and you get to choose how you want to style it yourself. How well the dress fits you will mostly depend on the way you wear it. Here are some helpful styling tips that will be helpful for you:

6 Ways to Wear a Convertible Wrap Dress

1. The Cross Front

If you do not mind showing off your back area a bit, then this is something you should try with your dress. It also portrays ample cleavage if that is something you are into. Here are steps for how to style the convertible wrap dress like a cross front:

  • Wear your dress and let the straps pass at the top of your bosom and into your back.
  • Twist the straps around once they get to the back in an anticlockwise direction until you get to the mid-back.
  • Separate the straps and cross them at your mid-back in the front, then tie them together at the back.
  • You can also choose to cross the straps twice around your body if you do not want a longer tail.

2. Cross Back

With this style of dressing, you will end up with a subtle back area showing. It is very vital for you if showing your back is not something you like doing. Here is how to create a cross back:

  • Put on the dress and let the straps pass across your bosom as you did with the cross front.
  • Once they get to your back, cross the straps diagonally but ensure they stay wide.
  • Wrap the straps around your waist once or twice based on your preference.
  • Tie the straps at the back in a knot.

3. Draped Back

If you are looking for coverage or fancy the traditional outfit look, then this is something you should try out. Here is how to tie up a draped back look:

  • Put on the dress and ensure you have the straps in the widest shape.
  • Drape them loosely at your shoulders and let the straps fall at the back. Ensure you adjust the cleavage to your liking.
  • Ensure that the dress is loosely draped at the back before you tie it around your waist once or twice.
  • Finish it with a knot at the back.

4. Halter Bow

If you do not want a complex style, then this is what you should go for. It is extremely barebacked, so keep that in mind. The bow you create will draw people’s attention to the design pattern since it is straightforward. Follow the following steps:

  • Wear the dress and let the straps go to your back.
  • Tie an intricate or simple bow at the back of your neck, then let the straps drape downwards.

To ensure you stand out with this style, ensure your hair is tied up.

5. The Knotted Shoulder

If you want a little more coverage and definition at the front, you should consider this style. It also has a v pattern at the back, which adds to its intricacy.

  • Take the two straps over your bosom but create a knot 4 inches before you get to your shoulders.
  • Once you get the straps at the back, twist them around anticlockwise until you get mid-back. You can then pass these straps around your waist either once or twice based on your preference.
  • Finish it off with known at the back, and you are good to go.

6. The Knotted Front

Just like the knotted shoulder, this is another elegant style you can try out. The only good thing with this style is that you get more coverage at the front, especially if showing cleavage is not something you like. Below are the steps you should follow:

  • Wear the dress, then pass the straps on top of your bosom. Ensure the straps cover your entire bosom.
  • Once the straps get to the front, tie a knot, then pass them to the back.
  • Twist the straps around the back anticlockwise and then pass them around your waist once you get to your mid-back.
  • Finish off with a knot.

A convertible dress is perfect for a wedding or any event you want to attend. You have the freedom to style it as you choose the design that makes it the ideal dress for every occasion.

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