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4 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

by Monica Barnes

Home is where the heart and everyone decorates their homes as to their taste and preferences. There are so many interior designing ideas that you can see on Pinterest that it is not that hard to make your house look cute, green or whatever vibe you are going for.

However, we live in 2021, so if the entire neighborhood has a white house, but you are going for red-painted house renovations, you will hear a lot of neighbors complain. Do you know why? Because your house exteriors will affect the entire neighborhood.

4 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Improve Your Homes Value

However, in this article, we have mentioned 4 sustainable home improvement ideas that will not only appeal to you and your family but also increase the value of your house in the long term. In 2021, it is all about taking a decision that can further and further lead you to more profits. Have you seen how the real estate market has been surging since the covid-19? The prices of the houses are going up and up.

So how can you make a profit from it? Making home improvements will increase the value of your house as well.

1. Focus on Landscaping

If you have a big or small house, and you have a front or backyard, you should know all the passerby will watch your house. And have you heard the phrase, “first impression is the last impression?” Well, so this is why you should focus on the landscaping of your lawn.

Today a lot of owners are adding a patio to their backyard that increases their home value by a good percentage. The better outdoor furniture and exteriors you invest in, the more the value of your home would increase.

Lets us give you a few tips on improving your outdoors:

  • Keep your lawns well-manicured
  • Cover the ground with some good looking mulch
  • Get some patio built; if you can do it yourself, good for you.
  • Get some nice decorations for your outdoor parties like fairy lights, Einstein bulbs, etc.
  • Get a Canopy if you like, or build some walls in your patio to get privacy, and then create a ceiling with ivy trails.

2. Update your Bathrooms

After the exteriors and outdoors of your house, the next thing that real estate and buyers look at is the number of baths in your house and the interiors of your bathroom. It is 2021, and you would be amazed that we have techy gadgets we can use in our bathrooms as well.

You will be amazed at the kind of luxurious interiors that are available today. If you take a look at stuff Japan and China have in their bathroom, it is a whole another level.

  • You can install bidet showers
  • Make sure there are no broken tiles in your bathroom
  • Also, make sure the grout is all cleared up and touched up.
  • Install energy-efficient water heaters.
  • There are gadgets you can use to see what the temperature of the shower water is.
  • Automatic toilet seats is another new invention
  • Install dimmer switches in your bathroom that will help reduce environmental wastage.
  • Lower the electricity usage at night, which will reduce your electricity bills as well.

3. Install Energy Efficient Appliances

We have a lot of energy-efficient appliances today that you can use and reduce your bills. Installing energy-efficient appliances will also reduce your gas certificate cost.

Moreover, installing energy-efficient appliances is sustainable long term, and you have no idea how much money you are going to save. However, this will bring sustainability to your houses. Lets us give you a few examples of how you can install and use these energy-efficient appliances.

  • High-efficiency washing machines can help you save gallons of water.
  • You can also upgrade your refrigerators which will save you a lot with your electricity bill.
  • Similarly, light fixtures and energy-efficient dryers can also help reduce your energy usage by 50%.
  • You can also get an energy audit done of your house and fix all the wiring of the house. These auditors are professionals who would help you understand where you can save and how much. What fixtures need to be changed etc.
  • So replace your old wirings, replace your window seals and update your lightings.
  • Improve the insulations in your house
  • Replace your window seals and door seals to ensure the house temperature stays in, and no extra energy is used.

4. Use Non-Toxic Carpet to Cover up Floors

Our last tip to you for improving your home is to use carpets around the house. Just make sure these carpets are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Here are a few tips for you;

  • If you have hardwood flooring, you might not be having perfect insulation for your homes.
  • Carpet acts as a good cover-up to save your house insulated.
  • This extra set of layers can provide you with the extra needed insulation that can save you a lot of energy and lower your utility bills as well.
  • Now comes the part that when you are buying a carpet, keep three things in mind, make sure it’s labeled all-natural, eco-friendly, or non-toxic.
  • If the carpets are manufactured in a traditional setting, they might contain harmful toxins which are sacred with fume-laden glue; however, if you are using organic and natural carpets, they do not emit any harmful chemical fumes, which is why they are much more sustainable and safer to use to increase the value of your house.

Make Home Improvements to Increase Property Value

House these days is not just home, but every change you do emits an investment and pays later off. The elements and tips of sustainable improvements we mentioned above to improve your landscaping, upgrade your bathrooms and kitchen appliances, and use natural carpets can increase the value of your home long term.

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