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Why Do You Need APIs in Mobile Application Development?

by Monica Barnes

If you are an enthusiast about mobile app development, you must hear about the API or application program interface once a day. In a world of ecommerce and social networking, we like to stay engaged and connected in every way. It is relevant for the mobile application to remain relevant and convenient through API’s

Why Do You Need APIs in Mobile Application Development

What is API?

Well, it is straightforward; every mobile device uses an API. One of the most famous and most used APIs is Facebook APIs. Mainly every application developer uses these APIs for clients for business or social purposes. Another famous example is PayPal. We mainly used the PayPal API for payment procedures. This is because it makes the payment procedure easy.

In a simple world, API for mobile apps allows users or visitors to attract other applications and software’s to make UX experiences easily. There is no other wheel to add to the mobile application; integration is the key!

How Does API Generate Business?

With the help of API’s, more and more applications are using complex applications, software, and devices to become relevant in the business market. By creating big software and applications, they need APIs to increase their potency.

Netflix API is free, and they made it available for developers to play with it and have a wonderful experience. Using Netflix, you can also create revenue by indirect monetization.

Did You Know?

Mobile application development is one of the most active businesses in the IT domain. According to an estimation, there are around 6 million apps on Apple’s iTunes store and 2.8 million apps on Android’s Google play store. These statistics speak about the impact mobile applications make in our daily lives. It has become increasingly difficult for app developers to satisfy users with unique and better features every time they develop new products. Only a few app developers can launch their apps successfully in the market. For this purpose, API has played an essential role in today’s app development scenario.

Benefits of Having API’s In Mobile Application Development

Efficiency and Effectiveness

API has become the new trend in mobile application development. Efficiency and effectiveness are two crucial factors that play a significant role during the app development process. API helps mobile app developers to achieve a substantial increase in their efficiency and, at the same time, ensure that they end up with a bug-free, effective product.

Mobile app development, which is backed by API’s ensures reduced development time. It does not require app developers to write the same codes repeatedly; they can easily reuse previous codes and save a considerable amount of time. Code reusability has a significant impact on the app development process, as this is one of the robust time-consuming processes in mobile app development.

Fast Sign

Many of us use an array of mobile applications that require authentication to share something with the app. Fast sign-in makes it easier for users to share something with an app and facilitates quick authentication. The user also prefers fast sign-in as it saves time and energy. Fast sign-in makes the user experience enjoyable and straightforward, especially in mobile applications. Fast Sign-In is a crucial concept in how to log in with Facebook authentication.

Social Media APIs

Today, social media APIs are booming, but what is a social media API? Social media API is an application programming interface for social media platforms. Social Media APIs allow developers to take advantage of existing Social Networks and integrate them into their applications.

For example, Facebook has its API that allows developers to post directly on walls, retrieve comments or likes by using an API call. In addition, social media APIs can implement social games, Social Gaming Networking Integration, Social Sharing, Social Marketing, etc.

API Integration

What APIs give to mobile application development is the ability to interact with different services and devices. APIs can do many things – they can access databases, make requests and handle responses, use the device hardware (accelerometer, GPS), etc. But APIs can also benefit your app and provide invaluable functionality to take your mobile app to the next level.

“APIs make apps interesting”. That’s why API integration in mobile development is crucial when building an application that will be successful.


The users can customize the service, implement new functions, analyze the data according to their needs, and charge whatever they want.

Customization is a great way to make an application more special. Customized APIs, based on users’ or organizations’ needs, can help make mobile apps to the next level. Customizing APIs is not only crucial for creating an exciting user experience but also for building future-proof applications. In addition, customized APIs can help improve the app’s security, performance, speed and communication.

APIs (application programming interface) make automation easier. Therefore, it is a must use in mobile application development projects both for its back-end and front-end aspects.


Different developers develop mobile apps at other times, and outsourcing teams that do not know about the product you are going to create may create them. In such a scenario, having APIs in your application would be very much beneficial for you. API makes it possible for system integrations and different teams who do not know about the inner workings of the code can work on various aspects of the project at their own pace and still deliver outstanding results.

Can Your Business Afford to Ignore Mobile Applications?

While making a Mobile app, it won’t be possible without API; thus, businesses should find Mobile app developers who can deliver you can only developed Mobile app with their experience and knowledge of mobile apps. Therefore, mobile apps have a significant impact on mobile app development services.

There are many reasons for this Mobile app boom, and here is what you will get by hiring Mobile app developers:

  • Apps for your business allow your customers to place orders, track deliveries and monitor their accounts from anywhere.
  • Integration with social media helps in building relationships with customers.
  • Mobile apps allow your business to improve its customer service.
  • Mobile apps help you minimize your time and effort in contacting back consumers and clients by bringing them directly on the Mobile application screen.
  • Mobile apps save the cost of hiring employees who are for office work. So, Mobile app development services are not just about.

Final Thought

The API in Mobile Application development is an integral part of the mobile application development life cycle. It doesn’t differ from other technologies used in the same process. The API is a way to provide external access to data and functions from within a product or service. With Mobile Application Development services, companies give high importance to the API and aim at providing comprehensive functionality through it.

The API is used to access services within the application, connect with other applications, and get data.
The good news is that Mobile App developers can use existing APIs to integrate additional features into their applications.

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