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Top List of the Best Pediatric EMR Software to Use

by Julia Rubalcava

Meta Description: Check out our comparison of the best pediatric EMR software for your practice. We also identify the basic requirements of good pediatric software to help you.

A child’s health is a crucial matter. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult sometimes to tell if a child’s illness is mild or requires a trip to the emergency room. However, thanks to the growth of telemedicine, patients can avoid visiting your clinic and get your expert opinion right from their homes. There is a wide array of pediatric EMR software available for you to offer patient care online, but how can you identify which one is the best? To that end, we’ve highlighted some essential elements of any effective pediatric medical software. In addition, we have included some of the best pediatrics EMR to help you narrow down your options.

Top List of the Best Pediatric EMR Software to Use

Necessary Features of Best Pediatric EMR

The most vital characteristics of the best EMR for pediatrics are:

Vaccination Reminders

This function allows you to monitor the administration of vaccines, predict vaccine requirements, and create reminders for upcoming immunizations. You can also collect and assess data on patients at risk of adverse effects if they are not immunized.

Family Intricacies

The best pediatrics EMR software should help you highlight your patient’s linked family history, the exchange of related clinical information between family members, and community characteristics.

Management of Prescriptions

Another necessary aspect of the EMR software is helping you manage your prescription orders. It can do so by automating your prescription entry and providing automatic dosages based on the patient’s weight.

Growth Charts for Children

With a pediatric EHR, you should be able to monitor the vitals and various growth parameters. It allows you to then correlate these measures to norms for certain cultural or regional groups.

Our Choice of the Best Pediatric EMR

The best pediatrics EMR enables you to give high-quality care to children in need of medical attention. As a result, you can focus more on improving patient care rather than tedious administrative activities. The following is a list of such pediatric medical solutions that can help you grow your healthcare practice.

Care Cloud EMR

Care Cloud is a cloud-based software application that provides you real-time access from any remote location. Moreover, the EMR is highly versatile and user-friendly. You can use it through various means, including phone, desktop computer, or a web application.

Another noteworthy feature of Care Cloud EHR is its telehealth functionality. It enables you to arrange patient visits remotely and conduct them using video conferences. These are just some of the key benefits of adopting this medical software. Care Cloud is one of the best pediatrics EMR software as it provides valuable benefits when dealing with children.

Practice Fusion EMR

Practice Fusion is the second EHR software we will consider. It is a highly recommended medical solution by pediatricians across the country. One reason Practice Fusion belongs in our category of the best pediatric EMR is its comprehensive features that aid you in streamlining your workflow.

For example, the lab connectivity and imaging capabilities of the EHR allow you to submit orders of laboratory tests and examine results immediately through the software online. As a result, it helps you complete patient tests and receive test findings as quickly as possible. Furthermore, medical billing is integrated within the EHR. Hence, you can charge straight from the EMR. Moreover, it also automates your billing procedures, thus lowering the possibility of human errors. Otherwise, it can cause you numerous problems, all of which can be avoided with this EMR system.

athenahealth EHR

athenahealth electronic health records software is another important EMR that provides you with numerous features catered to your pediatric practice. The all-encompassing patient portal is a significant feature of this medical software. It allows the patients to sign in to the portal using their login ID and complete all the required documentation before their scheduled appointment. It helps save time and lets you focus on patient treatment during the patient visit rather than completing the required paperwork.

In general, this software is easy to use. You can also easily navigate the software’s dashboard due to its increased user-friendliness. Furthermore, it enables you to switch between features quickly and without wasting time. You can also test the features of pediatrics EMR software at their best with the free EHR demo.

Epic EMR

Epic medical software is another famously used system among pediatricians. It allows you to ensure that the patient’s complete medical records are stored in a secure, digital place. The EMR also has a terrific capability for organizing your crucial documents and managing patient information.

Another fantastic feature that distinguishes Epic software as the best pediatric EMR is its ability to provide precise and customizable templates. You can choose any suitable template from those pre-installed into the software. It means you can consider numerous options and select the one that appears to be the best fit for you. Moreover, you can even completely change these templates to suit your needs better.

ChartLogic EHR

ChartLogic medical solution, as the name implies, automates charting of patients for you and is our last best pediatric EMR option. An efficient charting tool that enables you to collect all of the crucial patient medical information in seconds guarantees a significant improvement in your healthcare practice. In addition, it ensures appointments can be completed considerably faster, allowing you to manage your schedule better.

The EHR also assists you in maximizing the potential of your pediatric practice by organizing appointments so that you can see the most patients each day. Ultimately, ChartLogic EMR saves your time significantly and improves the efficiency of your tasks.

Which EMR Do We Advise For Your Pediatric Practice?

As demonstrated above, each pediatric software has different functionalities. Therefore, the decision of the best pediatric EMR for you depends upon specific needs and the focus of your practice. We recommend you read numerous reviews for each EMR to see what real users think of the software. If you have already decided to acquire an EHR for your practice, we suggest scheduling an EMR demo before making a final decision. The demo allows you to examine all software features thoroughly.

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