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The 10 Most Disgusting House Bugs

by Monica Barnes

Termite attacks can be very dangerous for your home, especially in countries Like Australia that have an abundant number of insect species. Even when you get rid of them, the damage can stay visible and it can affect the value of your house if you want to sell it one day. This article will inform you about the ten most dangerous and unpleasant bugs you can encounter in your home.

The 10 Most Disgusting House Bugs

Bed bugs

These creatures like to stay very close to their food source. The problem is that that source is you. The most common place you can find bed bugs is a mattress, especially on the edges or any cracks and crevices. Change your sheets often and make sure you inspect the upper piping every time you change them. That way, you can get rid of these bugs and their eggs.

Meal moths

Meal or pantry moths love dry food, such as flour, beans, or dried fruit. These bugs will look for any source of this kind of food to feed on it. Your pantry is the place where you should inspect to see if you have these insects in your house and if they laid their eggs there. Although the very idea of sharing your food with bugs is disgusting enough, the positive thing is that they don’t carry diseases so once you get rid of them, your food supply doesn’t have to be thrown away.


Beetles or their larger version as stag beetles can do you harm if they feel threatened, which will probably happen any time you get too close to them. It can be a bit uncomfortable and you can feel a mild pain but ice solves it in most cases.


Known as a docile version of centipedes, millipedes can hurt you if you hold them. They wrap themselves into a ball and if you touch them, they can release a small amount of hydrogen cyanide. This amount can’t kill you but you should be careful and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face or eating.


Termites can cause a lot of damage to your furniture, floor, or even your health. If you have a termite nest in your house, the problem won’t go away on its own, nor will you be able to get rid of them with some homemade products. They are very resistant and you basically have to kill the queen and the workers to destroy the nest. A professional can help you find the nest and you can make some poisonous traps later on. Make sure to seal all the cracks in the house that could give them a freeway to your home. Another good prevention method is to dig a small channel around your house and spray some termite poison in it. It would be good if you had a termite inspection run regularly to check if there is a risk for infestation, every year or so.


Nothing can spoil a nice barbecue in your backyard or a good night of sleep like mosquitoes. These annoying creatures are not just irritating but also can be very harmful. They procreate very fast and are so numerous that they can spread many diseases. Some diseases spread by mosquitoes are exotic, like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.


If you have pets, you most certainly have fleas in your house as well. Fortunately, there are enough products like flea sprays that can kill them. Make sure you use products that are safe so that you can spray them without worrying if they can affect your respiratory organs or your pets. Be careful not to forget the dormant fleas and the eggs they leave behind or else you will have to repeat all the work eventually. Cleaning regularly everything that has a piece of fabric on (sofas, curtains, etc) is a good prevention method as well.


One of the most notorious and disgusting bugs, they live in places where they can feed and hide, so if you deprive them of these two things, they probably won’t visit or stay at your home. Prevent the roach infestation by cleaning properly, especially the kitchen appliances, cabinets, kitchen countertops, pet food containers. Also, throw the trash as soon as the basket is full.


Ticks carry diseases, like Lyme disease, babesiosis, Human granulocytic anaplasmosis or Rocky Mountain spotted fever among others, so they are dangerous for humans and pets. They go where the humidity levels are high, especially in wooded areas. They look for cooler places so you might find them in your backyard when you look for some shelter from the sun. Just like termites, they can be repelled by adding some sort of an edge around your lawn.

Kissing bug

As the name suggests, kissing bugs or vampire bugs are attracted to the warm skin around your mouth. It sucks your blood to feed on it and leaves a small welt. It defecates the wound and its feces can sometimes contain the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi which causes a condition known as Chagas. Chagas can affect your heart muscle, causing a mild heart attack and even heart failure.

Your home should only be yours and of your family members. Make sure you keep all the intruders away. Insects can do more harm than good, so invest in prevention methods and, if you already have an infestation, consider hiring a professional according to the seriousness of the issue. Once in a while, an inspection should be run just in case as another efficient prevention measure.

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