How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Error on My System?

Brother printer devices are very well known for their printing speed. Brother provides small size printers for home users and big lasers for businesses. If you need a good printer for home, get a small-sized inkjet. These devices are light-weighted and users can easily place them anywhere. New Brother printer models are multifunctional, and can be configured with the network easily. But few users reported that the printer keeps going offline Windows 7. Your Brother printer says its offline due to various reasons. You have to check both the printer’s software and hardware components for troubleshooting the error.

Why does my Brother printer keep going offline?

Users can face Brother printer offline errors due to multiple issues. Whenever the printer shows an error, you need to check its driver and other hardware components. You may get errors related to printers often but these errors are very easy to troubleshoot.

Why is my Brother printer offline?

  1. The Brother printer is not connected
  2. An error occurred on your network
  3. The printer can’t find the print job
  4. Your Brother printer’s memory is full
  5. The printer’s fuser or printhead is not working
  6. Brother printer can’t communicate with the system
  7. You have sent invalid print job
  8. Brother printer is unable to fetch the cartridge

Troubleshooting Brother wireless printer keeps going offline

Restart the PC and Brother printer

Whenever the Brother printer is offline, you should restart the printer. Your Brother printer can show the error if it can’t get the resources. Whenever my Brother printer keeps going offline, restarting the printer and PC can be helpful. If the user is running numerous programs at once, the error can occur while printing if the printer can’t get resources. The printer also needs a few resources from the system. When those resources of your device are preoccupied with other applications, the Brother printer goes offline. Restart the device as it will free all the preoccupied resources of the system. Now reconnect the Brother printer to the system and check for its error.

Run Windows printer troubleshooter

When you can’t find that why is my Brother printer offline Windows 10 then try running the troubleshooter. Your system provides an inbuilt printer troubleshooting tool that can easily fix the errors of the printer.

  1. Open Settings on the device
  2. Tap on the Update and Security
  3. Now check for the troubleshoot tab
  4. Click on Printer and select the run button

Your Windows printer troubleshooter will start running a search for the possible issues. It will repair all those files automatically and then your Brother printer will start working. In case, your Brother printer saying offline then you should ask the Brother team for troubleshooting the error.

Check for the Brother printer driver and reset the IP address

When Brother printer keeps saying offline then you need to check for its driver. The printer needs its driver to work correctly. Without its driver, your printer driver can’t read the commands. Go to your PC and inspect for the Brother printer driver. If you haven’t installed it yet then open the Brother website and download the setup. After installing the setup, check the status of your Brother printer. When you have the preinstalled setup, you should check for its update. This printer driver gets corrupted easily due to any runtime error on the system. Repairing the files is difficult. You can remove the corrupted Brother printer driver and then install a new one. Inspect the IP address of the printer. On the PC, click on the Printers section and then hit on Add Printers. Select connect with IP address and then tap on Next button. Enter the correct IP address and Port Name. Once you connect the Brother printer using the IP address, check the printer’s status.

Set the printer as default

When you are thinking why is my printer offline Brother then you should check the default printer. The printer can get into error when you have set another device as default. Go to your PC and then set your Brother printer as default. Whenever the system sends any print request, it will get directly transferred to the Brother device.

  1. Go to Windows 10 system and open the Run bar
  2. Type control and go to the system’s control panel
  3. Select Devices and Printers folder and search for Brother printer
  4. Go to See what’s printing
  5. Select the Set as default printer option and now your Brother device will get the commands directly.

Reconnect your Brother to PC or network

When Brother printer always offline, check for its connection. The device can get the error when not connected correctly. You should reconnect the PC correctly. Remove the cable from your Brother device and then check for any damage. Reconnect it and make sure the cable fits correctly. When the user has connected the printer to the network, check the access point and WPS. Go to Brother printer and disable the Wi-Fi button. Check the router for the stable connection and WPS pin.

  • Check your Brother printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  • Brother printer Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking
  • Inspect the router and then press the WPS button
  • Once connected, go to the PC on the same network. Try to access your Brother printer and check its status.

Remove all pending print jobs

The printer says offline Brother when its memory is full. The user sends the print job and it gets stored on the printer memory. If users send lots of commands, Brother’s memory will get full and the printer will show errors. You can fix the error by removing all the pending jobs. Go to the Control Panel and click on All Control Panel Items. Now select the Devices and Printers and hit the Printer button. You will see the Cancel All Documents option; click on it and select your printer. Your Brother printer may get disconnected from the computer. Reconnect the Brother printer and then try to take printouts of your documents.

Run a malware scan

If you can’t find why my Brother printer is offline then try running the malware scan. Viruses can corrupt your print commands and your Brother printer will start showing the errors. Whenever you face any error, you need to scan the system for malware. Scanning will remove all the conflicting malware from the system. Users should run a good scanning program that can search and remove all the malware from your system. After deleting all those threats, you can use your Brother printer without any error. Users can also easily contact the Brother printer technical team and get help directly.

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