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Secret Tips to Better Your Vape Cartridge Packaging From Your Competitors

by Monica Barnes

Vape is a great replacement for traditional tobacco smoking. So the demand for vaping products has increased for health-conscious people. Vape has less harmful effects on human health as compared to tobacco products. However, the custom cartridge boxes have also sought demand in the tobacco industry. They bound the brands to pack in customized packaging. It is because all of their competitors are using them. So if any brand does not incorporate this packaging, then the sales would suffer. To avoid that, every brand tries to have unique and impressive packaging.

Secret Tips to Better Your Vape Cartridge Packaging From Your Competitors

In addition, the vape cartridge is quite delicate. It needs extra care and protection to avoid any breakage while handling. The central part of the cartridge is made from glass, which may get broken easily. If it gets broken, then the oil spills from the cartridge. So if the packaging is not of high quality, then the leakage will affect the other boxes, too. The leakage of vape cartridges prevented from cartridge boxes. These boxes help to secure the product from spilling and damaging. Till the product reaches the end customers, it needs extra protection and safety.

Similarly, the cartridge is filled with e-juice. Which is available in different colors and flavors. Vape cartridges are extremely handy. Smokers can smoke anywhere, it does not have any odor. Just have a pleasant smell of fruits or mint. Which does not smell bad. In addition, vaping smoke does not cause harm to passive smokers. Passive smokers also enjoy the smell of vape without smoking. The cartridges packaging makes the product more convenient to use. Protection of vape cartridges is not only the primary purpose of packaging. But the packaging insists the customers to purchase. It makes the customers intrigued about the inside product. And they do not resist buying and see the product.

How to make the product more protective?

As we have been discussing earlier, vape cartridges are delicate in nature. If they are not protected, then the brand can face loss in real terms. The custom cartridge boxes secure the product from external harm. However, the packaging protects not only from the outside, but it protects from the inside too. There are custom inserts inside the packaging. Which does not allow the cartridge to move and damage. Also, foam also inserts to provide cushioning. From dust and leakage, these inserts protect. The customers always remember the product through its packaging. For future purchases, the design of cartridge boxes plays an important role. The brands engage the customers through their product packaging. Even if the product has no sales, the packaging can increase sales.

The artistic designs can make the vape cartridge attractive to customers. The colors on the packaging represent the flavor used in the vape. The visual appearance can become better with packaging. To set an appealing design, layout, hot foil embossing has quite useful for the packaging of the cartridge. However, to give more luxurious look to the packaging, gold foiling is also a great option. It gives a mesmerizing look to the vape packaging. The attractive typography and exotic colors create a striking look for custom cartridge boxes, to attract customers and enhance sales. The colors combination also tells the story of the brands.

Usually, the vape cartridge packaging has black and bold colors. On which brand name is debossed with gold or silver color. It also gives glossy effects. The brands also write information on the sides of the box. Which gives awareness about the product to the smokers. Similarly, smokers who want to have an unlimited stock of vapes can purchase wholesale cartridges packaging. These cartridges are relatively less in price than you purchase individually from the market.

How to make the product packaging sustainable?

The packaging must be suitable and eco-friendly. Using plastic must be less in packaging. As plastic is not a recyclable material. However, the trend of old plastic packaging is now also changing. It is because land pollution is increasing with plastic material packaging. Sustainable cardboard packaging is also getting hype in the brand’s product packaging. Without the involvement of toxic material, now brands are shifting towards green packaging. Which represents eco-friendliness. After the packaging has served its purpose the cardboard of cartridges packaging can be decomposed. Also, the decomposition of plastic is near to impossible. The cardboard material is made from wood pulp, which has prime properties of decomposition. The material is also less expensive than plastic. But the cardboard material causing deforestation. The alternative to wood is bamboo, seaweed, mushrooms, and cornstarch.

However, these materials do not cause deforestation and are highly decomposable. The smart way to reduce the cost of production of cartridge boxes is to use these alternatives. In online e-outlets, the packaging matters a lot. The packaging facilitates the smokers in purchasing the right vape for them. All the descriptions are mentioned on the website to make the purchase easier. The brands can also create healthy competition by comparing and contrasting their product with the competitors. In this way, your brand can grow in a positive way, without coping with the style and design of other brands’ products. In addition, smokers dislike the complicated packaging. The custom cartridge boxes have convenient packaging. Which takes little time to open and consume immediately.

The packaging which has transparent window has more demand by the smokers. The smokers can see the size and shape of the cartridge without opening the box. It is a great way to inform the customers about the product. Without allowing them to invest their money on a product which they do not feel suitable to use after opening. The brands also maintain loyalty with their customers by introducing friendly packaging of the products. The window on packaging influence customers to buy the products. However, the packaging vaping products benefits the customers and brands as well. Thus, packaging is a secret of sales of nay product without a doubt. The brands must introduce using vape cartridges packaging.

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