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Ramp up your Fashion Quotient with Vintage T-shirts for Women

by Julia Rubalcava

A quick online search for vintage t-shirts women and women’s pullover hoodies is all it takes to see the trend has completely ramped up in recent years. We’re not talking about your granddad’s old Hanes shirt from the ’50s, either. We’re talking about stylish, cool, and fashionable vintage t-shirts for women with a ton of personality that can really dress up a pair of jeans or shorts!

Ramp up your Fashion Quotient with Vintage T-shirts for Women

When it comes to vintage, the options are literally endless. Women’s vintage tees have been around for decades and can be found at just about any price point.

Some women also like to pair their vintage t-shirts with women’s pullover hoodies for a more warm look in winters, but is it really a fashionable choice?

You might think that vintage clothes are just old clothes that nobody wants anymore – but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! The clothes have been completely revitalized by artists and designers who have given them new life and new style, so they really can be all yours too. As long as you know where to look.

Women’s pullover hoodies and vintage t-shirts might not be the best combination unless you know how to style them properly. For example, a sweatshirt tucked in with straight jeans and ankle boots might be one of the most stylish combos, but how does one know what works and what doesn’t?

That’s why we are here to help!

If you don’t have any fashion tips that help get your creative juices flowing, take a look at our suggestions below! You can never go wrong with options like florals or busy patterns that add an element of vintage flair to everyday looks.

Dive right into five of our top styling tips for vintage t-shirts for women this season:

1. Vintage T-Shirt Paired with a Blazer

Contrary to popular belief, blazers are not the staple clothing item for offices and meetings only. Adding a blazer to your outfit can catapult your outfit into the finesse of timeless fashion nowadays.

The easiest and perhaps, most fashionable way to style a casual vintage t-shirt is to pair it up with an ivory or cream coloured blazer. If you are committed to the whole casual look, add your mom jeans and a pair of white sneakers to the outfit. Depending on the weather, it’s always a good idea to carry a pair of sunnies with you.

2. Vintage Cropped T-Shirt with Straight Legged Jeans

The variety and versatility of jeans available nowadays are mind-blowing; it gives us endless styling options for outfits. If you own a vintage t-shirt, try experimenting with the ‘’cropped’’ look. If you are tenacious enough, turn your vintage t-shirt into a cropped top and pair it with straight-legged jeans. You can also opt for cream coloured jeans for a more classy look. On the contrary, for a more casual and ‘’out there’’ look you can opt for faded denim coloured straight-legged jeans.

To increase the fashion element, add a pair of black ankle boots, a messy bun and soft, gold hoops as earrings to the whole look. This one look is approved by the fashion critics so you cannot go wrong with it. You can also experiment with this look and change accessories as per your personal style.

3. Coupled with Denim Shorts

If you are looking to turn up the heat using vintage t-shirts for women, this particular look is just for you. This outfit is one of our favourite recipes for when the sun is blazing outside. Easy to pull off, super casual and comfortable, this outfit has it all.

If you are looking to step out for a casual day in the sun, tuck your vintage t-shirt in faded, denim shorts. If you aren’t willing to show some skin, you can also add a pair of black stockings under the shorts. This can also add an element of sass to the whole look.

As always, throw on a pair of sneakers, sunnies and hairclip to step out in style and comfort.

4. Paired with a Floral Skirt

While some women prefer shorts to catch the casual yet comfortable vibe, long, flowy skirts are the answer to many women’s fashion dreams. Pair your favourite vintage t-shirt with a long, flowy and floral skirt to bring a wholesome and feminine energy to your outfit.

This outfit is also perfect for a casual day by the beach, sipping some mojitos and taking in the sun. Breezy and effortless, add your favourite pair of ankle boots to this look to add another edge to the outfit.

5. Glammed up with High Waisted Pants

It’s time to opt for a look that is fashionable, formal and makes you look like you are ready to take over the world. Your vintage t-shirt, tucked inside classic, black high waisted pants is the look that you need to amp up your fashion game.

There is nothing more powerful than tailored, high waisted formal pants paired with the perfect top, nicely done hair and stilettos. Add some makeup and accessories to the whole look to end things in style.

Budget-Friendly Style Tip: To make your vintage t-shirt look new, treat it right! Use dry cleaning or hand wash only. Avoid getting any stains on it as they can be quite hard to get out of them. Wash your vintage t-shirt inside out to reduce wrinkles.

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