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How Can Monitoring Apps Help in Better Parenting

by Monica Barnes

Nowadays, every kid has a digital device with them where they can get access to the Internet. As we know, the Internet is the place where kids can take many positive things and negative things.

On the contrary, parenting in the digital age is getting harder and harder. Keeping kids safe from different online problems is a difficult job for parents.

How Can Monitoring Apps Help in Better Parenting

Therefore, many companies are developing monitoring apps to help parents keep their eye on their child’s online activities and set different digital boundaries that keep them away from online threats.

What is Monitoring Apps, and How Can It Help?

The applications or software specially created to help parents monitor their kids’ activities are called monitoring apps. It is used in PCs, consoles, or any other digital devices the kids use.

Monitoring apps help parents by providing different features like checking web histories, call and message logs, tracking kids’ location through an in-built GPS tracker, limiting screen time, blocking inappropriate sites and apps, and many more.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Monitoring App?

● Control

As the topic itself describes, the parent should have full control over the app. The controls and settings must be customizable as the parent wants. The app should work at the level the parent wants to set for their kids.

The app should also have full control over the kids’ devices, which can control all the activities like downloading different apps, blocking inappropriate sites and apps, etc.

● Simplicity

Most of the monitoring apps will be new to parents, so the controls and user interface of the software must be pretty simple and easy to use.

If the interface is difficult, then there may arise different problems, and parents cannot fully control their children’s online activities.

● Coverage

The monitoring software should be able to cover and control multiple devices at once. If not, it can be tough for parents who have multiple kids.

Different dashboards for different kids can be confusing and may confuse the parents. To avoid the confusion of controlling multiple apps, parents always prefer a single app that can control all the devices simultaneously.

● Value

Not only parents but all people want full value from the app they purchase. If the purchased app cannot fulfill all the expectations we want, we may regret purchasing that app.

So the monitoring app should have different features that are required for monitoring kids’ online activities. However, it does not mean cheaper is better and expensive is not. Different apps are found in the market which have different price ranges and which offer different monitoring features.

What are Some of the Top Monitoring Apps Available?

1. MobileSpy App

MobileSpy App is one of the most effective and affordable monitoring apps you can find on the market. Likewise, it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

It offers different features like checking online histories, call and messages logs, location tracking using its in-built GPS tracker, blocking specific sites and apps, and many more.

One of the drawbacks of this app is that the device that needs to be monitored should be rooted. Without the root unit, the user won’t use all the advanced features that the Mobile Spy app offers. Also, it supports devices that have Android 4.0 and above.

However, the basic features are provided at an affordable price, and the app works in the background with a stealth mode, so the target person you are monitoring will have no idea of being spied on.

2. Circle

The circle is created by Disney, which works to control kids’ online activities. It is a hardware device hooked to the Internet and does not require any installation, and it provides accurate online reports.

Moreover, it is very easy to use and can control different apps like Youtube, Facebook, Games like Fortnite, Pubg, etc., on different platforms like Android, iOS, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

In addition, it doesn’t provide features like location tracking and control of mobile data in the basic version of the app and requires the advanced version, which we should pay to obtain to use those features.

3. Monqi Phone

It is an all-in-one solution as it is a smartphone itself which has all the control in-built and is not cheap.

The parents must download the control app on this phone and can gain God-level control. You can set time limits, apps and site usage limits, track locations, etc.

There are different complaints like the battery life is not good, which is an issue, and it doesn’t stop kids from accessing the Internet on other devices.

To sum up,

Monitoring App is an important step that parents should use if they think their kid is going out of track when staying online.

They will have full control over their kids’ phones and control all the activities. Also, they can set boundaries and time limits that can help the child’s mental health in the long term.

So parents should consider different terms like price, simplicity, value when choosing a monitoring app. They should always research different monitoring apps and choose an app that can offer them different features when monitoring in an affordable price range.

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