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Brow Grooming Techniques

by Monica Barnes

A good brow shaping treatment should give you a youthful look that will last for years to come. Some may prefer waxing or some other method. If you’re considering which one is best, keep these things in mind: Waxing can be painful, may cause allergic reactions, may leave marks, and requires multiple sessions. You can even get a “surgical” look, but it’s not very natural-looking.

Brow Grooming Techniques

Waxing Professionals: Waxing is the most common form of brow grooming techniques. It’s also the least expensive and usually the easiest way to achieve the desired result. Typically, waxing professionals use hot wax, strips of cotton cloth, a machine, chemicals, and sometimes temporary color. When hair is tweezed, it grows back finer, thicker, and often has more definition in the middle.

Eyebrow Threading: This is one of the newer brow grooming techniques. The process is done with tweezers. Two or more hairs are pulled from the hair shaft and threaded down the forehead. As the hair threads go down the hair shaft, new hairs grow in its place. If the procedure is repeated often enough, new hairs grow in on both sides of the eyebrow and eyebrows look natural.

Smoky Eye: Many beauty pros say this is the new celebrity look. Smoky eyes have been popular for many years, but with this new technique, eyebrows become more appealing. By blowing a small amount of smoke into the eye, you can create a smoky effect. The effect is very romantic and can make an older woman look younger. Professionals usually apply a small amount of eyeliner to their clients before going into the eye salon. Once in the eye salon, the smoky eye is completed with mascara and colored contacts.

Microblading: Another new brow grooming technique is microblading. In microblading, the technician will pull or freeze individual hairs until they are in a loose curl. The technician then applies the microblading to the client’s eyebrows. There are many new variations of microblading. New microblading designs have smaller curls, tiny dots, and even diamonds.

Eyelash Extensions: Women who get extensions put on their eyelashes use lash mascara. Lash mascara can be thick or thin. One of the new eyebrow grooming techniques that looks great on long straight lashes is a set of mini lashes that can be pulled through the curls of the eyelashes. It gives the bride a beautiful look with straight lashes but does not require mascara.

Eyebrow shaping and weeping: These are two other eyebrow grooming techniques that are growing in popularity. Shape your eyebrows by lifting them up at the tips or tweaking the outer edges. You can do both the upper and lower eyebrow.

You can wear makeup with this eye makeup grooming techniques to enhance your natural beauty. Some makeup artists specialize in creating the sexy, voluptuous looks with these eyebrows and eyelash extensions. Makeup artists over-tween their eyebrows to make them appear wider. When the eyebrows are not perfectly straight, they will still appear natural. You can create eyebrows with colored contact lenses.

A new shape of the eyebrow known as “new” shaped eyebrows is most desirable because it highlights the facial structure. If you have new shaped eyebrows, you can shape them or apply fake eyebrow hairs that can be shaped into the shape of your new eyebrows. New shaped eyebrows are great for a more defined face. If you have fine to medium brows, a stylist may also be able to treat those gently using wax.

Waxing: Many people like to wax their eyebrows because it is quick and convenient. Waxing is done in a salon or at home. Waxing is done with strips or in a small waxing kit. Waxing strips are easier to use and the wax can be applied in sections so that you can apply them more precisely. When weeding, the technician will glide the wax between your cheeks, chin, and jaw.

Microblading: Microblading is another new technique in eyebrow shaping. It is less time consuming than waxing and is convenient for people who do not have time to go to a salon or for people who don’t want to bother with waxing. Microblading is done on a new client’s eyebrows in-clinic or at home. When done properly, microblading looks very natural. This new technique helps clients achieve the look of sparse eyebrows or single eyelashes.

Electrolysis: This is an effective but temporary way to correct an uneven brow. Electrolysis is done by sending an electric current to hair follicles that are in an area of your scalp that doesn’t grow back hair. The hair that grows back will not be as thick, or long as the rest of your hair, but it will be finer. If the area is sensitive, a therapist may use a soothing lotion to help the hair grow back to a proper shape.

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