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5 Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter

by Monica Barnes

Preparing for the winter early enough means that you will be able to keep your loved ones warm and, at the same time, protect appliances that are affected by the cold weather. In this blog, we shall cover five ways you can get your home winter-ready.

5 Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter

Install furnace and Air conditioners

Winter is associated with low temperatures, and part of your planning should include buying suitable furnaces to keep your home warm. There are various sizes of furnace filters with unique specifications to keep your home warm. the role of furnaces and air conditioners can never be overemphasized and its important you shop for a furnace before the winter sets in fully.

Besides this, homeowners who already have furnaces and air conditioners should have their appliances inspected and checked. Most homeowners use their furnaces at this time of the year, and you do not want to discover your furnace is non-functional at the onset of winter when the furnaces’ prices have shot up significantly.

Get piles of firewood

Most people prefer to spend their evenings around the fireplace during the winter, keeping them throughout the evening. However, to benefit from your fireplace, you must ensure that you have adequate dry piles of firewood that will get you through the winter.

As you prepare for the winter, you must fix any cracks resulting in water leakages into your fireplace. Moreover, you have to inspect the condition of your chimney and the roofing of the chimney to ensure that nothing will be putting the fire off during the winter.

Install Bright Lights

At this time of the year, the days tend to be shorter compared to nights. As a result, most days are dark, and having bright lights in your house will keep the home well-lit. Additionally, in winter, most days will be misty, foggy, and cloudy, hindering visibility. However, this is not the case when you have proper lighting in your house.

You can also consider having candles in your house that will brighten your home and make your house appear to be more beautiful. Moreover, you must make sure that bright bulbs are installed in the dining room only, but rather every room has a bright light. It is also essential to have outdoor lights that will keep your compound visible.

Get warm Beddings

You can never prepare for winter and fail to get the correct type of beddings for the season. In this season, you ought to switch from light clothing beddings to beddings made from fleece, heavy cotton that will keep you warm during the day and night.

Additionally, you must make sure you have also checked other materials in your houses, such as curtains and blankets, and make sure that they are made from heavy fabrics that will keep you warm. Moreover, make sure you have the correct type of carpet that will protect you from the cold floors. Lastly, you also have to have a mat for shoes where wet and muddy shoes will be kept in this season to ensure that they do notn make the floor carpet dirt.

Repair Roofs and Gutters

During the winter season, snow will settle on your roof, and with minimal heat, the snow will melt and leak into your house. To avoid this, ensure you have included the roofing inspection and repair in the winter preparation schedule.
Besides this, before the onset of winter, you must make sure that your gutters are in suitable condition and shape.

Otherwise, your gutters may be clogged, and this has adverse effects. Firstly, clogged water is a good breeding ground that could spread malaria in your home. Secondly, clogged water may eventually overpower your roof and leak into your house unexpectedly, resulting in structural damage. Some of the leading causes of gutter problems include wear and tear from adverse climate, breakages and cracking from storms, and accumulation of dirt and leaves in the gutter.

Besides keeping your house free from leakages, gutters will give your home an impressive look, prevent the accumulation of dirt in the drain, and help avoid flooding in your compound.

Without a doubt, proper and early preparation for the winter season is the most excellent solution to winter-related problems. In this blog, find some of the ways you can prepare for winter avoid any hazards that winter may pose to you.

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