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What Are the Steps to Factory Reset Canon Printer?

by Monica Barnes

Canon is a popular manufacturer of imaging and printing devices. Canon company manufactures a wide range of cameras, camcorders and imaging devices. Canon printers offer good printing services and functionality for easy use. It also has a feature which can check the ink level on the cartridge and tells the user when the ink level is low. But sometimes, the printer gets into some runtime error and can show a few issues. For troubleshooting the issues; you should try to reset Canon printer.

What Are the Steps to Factory Reset Canon Printer

How to reset Canon printer to factory settings?

Canon printer provides various functionality. Users can change the functions according to the requirements. But sometimes the changes to your printer can cause issues. Canon printer reset will revert all the changes you have made on your Canon printer settings. When you go for factory reset, your settings will change to the default. 


How do I reset my canon printer to factory settings?

Some Canon printers provide a reset button from where you can easily reset the settings. But if you are using an old model of Canon printer then you may don’t have the reset button and you need to perform the reset manually. You can follow the mentioned steps to reset the printer:

  1. Turn off the Canon printer
  2. Click the Stop button and power button simultaneously
  3. Wait for some time
  4. Now release the Stop button
  5. Make sure you are holding the Power button and not press the Stop button twice
  6. You will see “O” on the printer screen after 30 seconds
  7. Press the Stop button four times
  8. Hit the Power button twice

Press the Power button again. Check whether your printer gets reset or not. Now connect the USB cable of your Canon printer to the PC. Open the access door and check for the cartridge. If the ink cartridge is installed properly then close the access door. Try to take printouts with Canon and check whether your error gets resolved or not.


Where is the reset button on a Canon printer?

If you are using a new Canon printer then you will have a reset button on the control panel. You can access the control panel of your Canon printer to find the reset. Using the reset button will undo all the changes on your Canon settings immediately. Here are the steps for resetting the Canon printer:

  1. Turn on your Canon printer
  2. Click on the Menu option
  3. Go to Control Panel
  4. Use the arrow button and click on the setup menu
  5. Navigate to Device settings 
  6. Hit the Ok button

Click on the Reset settings option and hit the OK button. After resetting the printer, make changes to the settings according to the requirements.


How to reset a Canon printer? (Wireless)

New Canon printer models also provide wireless connectivity. If the printer is showing any error while printing with the wireless printer then check the WPS pin on your router. If the router is working fine but the printer is still showing the error then reset the printer. You can follow the given steps to reset your wireless Canon printer:

  1. Go to the Canon printer
  2. Click on Wireless icon
  3. Tap the Network tab
  4. Select Wireless option
  5. Touch the On button
  6. Canon wireless setup wizard will appear on the screen
  7. Click on Reset button
  8. Hit the Continue button
  9. Type the password of Canon printer
  10. Hit the OK button and your printer will get reset.


How to reset printer Canon when not responding?

Not responding errors mainly appear while the user is taking a printout. If your printer is not responding then pull out the power cable. Wait for about a minute and plug in the power cord. The Canon printer will start automatically and start working. If not then try to restart your PC. A runtime error on your PC can also result in this error. Turn on your PC and wait for a minute. Restart it and check for the error.


How to clean the print jobs on a Canon printer?

If the error on your Canon printer is not troubleshooting by resetting the printer then you should check the pending print jobs. The pending jobs can also show various errors while printing. Remove all the print jobs by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on Device and Printers
  3. Right-click on the Printer
  4. Select the What’s Printing option
  5. Go to the printer menu
  6. Hit the Cancel All Documents option

Click on Yes button and all the pending jobs will get cleared out. Restart your PC and take printouts with a Canon printer easily.

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