How to Troubleshoot Your Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1?

Epson is a popular printer brand around the world and one of the largest printer manufacturing companies. You can find wide printer ranges in Epson with multi-functionality. These printers are very robust and you can easily configure them with various devices. While working many users have faced Epson error code 0xf1. The error appears when the Epson printer can’t find the required file or service. 

Reasons behind Epson error 0xf1

  1. Epson printer can’t find your PC
  2. The printer is in invalid connection
  3. Epson printer software is not working
  4. The printer fuser or printhead is burnt out
  5. Your OS is outdated
  6. The printer is unable to use a cartridge

Troubleshooting Printer error 0xf1

Restart the Epson printer

Whenever the printer device shows you an Epson error message, restart it. Before searching for the solution, try restarting the services. Your printer often shows errors when some of the printer services are not working. The user can start those services with a power restart. On the Epson printer,eject the power cable. Wait and reconnect the cable to start the printer. The Epson device will start automatically. Once its services start running, the device will start printing. 

Run your printer troubleshooter

You can try running the printer troubleshooter for fixing the error code. Check the printer connected device for the troubleshooting tool. In Windows, you can find the troubleshooter on the Update tab. Open the Update tab and then click on the troubleshooter option. Select the printer and the utility tool will inspect for possible issues. After running the tool, the printer files will get repaired easily. Now send a command and check your Epson device for error code.

Reconnect the printer

While sending a job, the printer shows offline and error code; check the connection. The printer connection may get disturbed due to some foreign reasons. When you reconnect the printer, your error will get fixed. If your printer is in a wired connection, check the cable and the USB ports. When the cable seems loose or faulty; replace it. Also, use another USB port for the printer connection. For using Epson on the network; check the Wi-Fi port. Restart the home router device and then restart the Epson printer Wi-Fi button. Ensure that the Wi-Fi lamp is blinking. Go to the printer’s screen and then check for the network name. Select your network for the connection. After reconnecting the printer, check for Epson error code oxf1.

Inspect the Epson driver software

Error code on the printer appears when its driver is not working. You have to fix the driver for using the printer. Without its driver, your Epson won’t work. The printer requires a driver for every device you connect with. Open the computer device and then tap on the Drivers folder. Check for the Epson printer driver and run its update. If you haven’t installed the Epson driver yet; get it from the Epson website. In case, you have a driver on a PC but it gets corrupted then reinstall it. Fixing those driver files is not easy. Remove the corrupted driver and then get a new setup. When your Epson printer finds a new driver, it will start working.

Check the printer fuser

The user can face an error if its fuser is not working. The fuser uses heat and pressure to fuse the ink (toner) on the page. But sometimes, the fuser gets overheated and stops working. Overheating issues appear when the user is taking lots of printouts simultaneously. Open the Epson device and check its fuser. If the fuser is overheated then wait until it cools down. In case, the fuser is burnt out then replace it. You can buy a printer fuser separately and use it on the Epson.

Clean the printhead on your Epson device

The Epson printhead needs regular cleaning. Without cleaning, the dry ink starts clogging it. Due to this, users often get print quality issues and can also face error codes. If you haven’t cleaned your printhead for a long time; clean it now. Go to the print icon on the computer from the task bar and tap on the head cleaning option. The utility tool will start cleaning the head. For complete cleaning, you can use a cloth and cleaner to remove the dried ink manually. After cleaning, check for an error message.

Check paper jam

In the new Epson, you barely get the 0xf1 error code due to paper jam. These devices are jamless and run reliably. But sometimes, the roller draws multiple pages which cause the jam. You have to remove those pages from the roller and then check for other chunks. After cleaning, restart the Epson and take your printouts.

Check the cartridge status

The printer can get error code 0xf1 when the cartridge is not installed or not working. If you are getting errors after installing a new cartridge; check for the yellow/orange tape. On a new cartridge, you can see a tape for preventing cartridge mishandling. But the tape must be removed before installing the cartridge. Take out the cartridge and check the tape. Also, check the cartridge pins and printer contacts. The printer won’t recognize the clone cartridges. Instead of using clone cartridges on Epson; use refills. Take the empty cartridge and refill the ink. Reinstall and then check the Epson error.

Update the OS

The outdated OS can cause printer errors. When the Epson driver is updated but the OS is corrupted then some files may get conflicted. Go to the connected computer and update its operating system. When the OS and Epson driver is updated; try using the printer. 

Disconnect the firewall

The firewall can interrupt the printer network connection. If Epson 0xf1 error is occurring on network printing then check the firewall. Check the PC device for personal or inbuilt firewall protection. Disable it temporarily and then use the Epson printer to the network. Now search your Epson on the network and take the printout. After using the printer device, restart the firewall for network protection.

Use expert’s support for Epson error code 0fx1

If you have tried all manual techniques for troubleshooting printer errors then try technical help. Printer error troubleshooting team is providing  24/7 help for printer support. The team inspects the error and provides reliable help for fixing your Epson device.

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