How to Fix Microsoft Office License Expired Issue?

Microsoft Office is the highly recommended and one of the most important applications of Windows devices. The office provides various amazing tools and services to the users. The office is available on various plans. You can install Office plans according to your device specifications and needs. Office also provides a few basic tools for free. If you don’t want to spend money on purchasing the premium plans of Office then you can go for the free tools. But the free Office plan provides limited tools. If you need advanced tools then you need to purchase the paid plans of Microsoft Office. Office provides a yearly subscription to the users. You can use the premium tools until the license expires. Once your Microsoft Office Subscription expired then you need to renew it.

How to fix Microsoft Office 365 subscription expired?

When the Office expires, you need to renew it immediately. If you see Microsoft Subscription expired message then you click on the Reactivate option and hit the Buy option. You will be redirected to the Office shopping cart page. You need to fill the billing details and make payment. Click on the Buy button. Wait for getting a confirmation message from the MS Office. Once you get the confirmation, you can use the premium tools and services of Office.

If you renew the MS Office plan before the expiry date then you will not get the Word subscription expired message and the remaining days of the previous license will be added to the new one. Renewing the plan before expiry ensures that you don’t have to deal with any kind of data loss.

How to fix Product deactivated error?

Some people reported that they are getting product deactivated messages once the Office Subscription expired. This error message appears when the Office setup gets signed out from your device. People mistakenly log out MS Office from the device and then get into the error. When you see the error, enter your MS Office credentials for logging into your account. If you sign out your MS Office account on one device then you can easily sign-in MS Office on another device.

Couldn’t Verify Subscription error

This kind of error appears when your device is not connected to the internet. There are various tools in Office which don’t require internet connection. But you will require the internet connection to verify the subscription. If you are getting the excel subscription expired and you need to verify the subscription then you have to connect your device to the internet connection.

Does Microsoft office expire?

The premium plans of Office provide a license for a limited time. When the Microsoft Office expired, you need to renew it. Most of the Office plans provide auto-renewal service. You can enable or disable the auto-renewal feature of MS Office according to your need. Here are the steps to enable MS Office auto-renewal service:

  1. Open your MS Office account
  2. Click on Services and subscriptions page
  3. A sign in prompt may appear on the screen
  4. Type your MS Office email and password
  5. Hit the Sign In button
  6. Services & subscription page will appear
  7. Click on Manage button

Search for Turn On Recurring billing option and enable the button. Now your Office plan will get auto-renewed.

Steps to disable MS Office auto-renewal service:

  1. Open MS Office website
  2. Go to Services & Subscription page
  3. A login prompt will appear
  4. Enter your MS Office credentials
  5. Services & Subscriptions page will be displayed
  6. Tap the Manage button option

Go to Turn On Recurring billing option and toggle the button to disabled. A confirmation message will be displayed. After disabling the auto-renewal mode, you have to renew the MS Office manually. If you get any error while renewing the Office then you should contact the MS Office team for help. Errors in renewing the Office can appear due to the outdated OS or device drivers. Update your OS and other drivers and then try to renew the plan. You can also upgrade your Office plans for more tools and services.

Here are few Common questions associated with the Renewal of Microsoft office on your PC

If your Microsoft office 365 subscription expired before the renewal you need to reactivate it immediately to have an access to all the premium tools of MS office. Here are few related questions to the renewal of MS office of your system that can strike against your head. Go through them by and by to keep a good track on the renewal of MS office subscription on time.

1. What if you ignore the renewal of Microsoft Office for your System?

Every time you need to renew your MS office subscription before it is expiring in order to avoid any extra manoeuvre later on. If the office subscription expired and you do not paid attention to renew it, the results could be dramatic. People who do not pay much attention and ignore the renewal of their MS office subscription fail to have an access to all the tools of MS office which are paid. More you will not longer we able to make changes in the existing documents as they fill shift to the read only category. So make sure to renew your MS office before its expiry to avoid any sort of such issue.

2. Is it mandatory to renew your Microsoft office software annually every time?

Most of you must be thinking and even fed up with the regular renewal of their MS office paid version annually. If a Microsoft office expired you have to renew it as soon as possible to continue taking the services of the MS office. More if you will not renew your MS office before its expiry date you have to lose the access to tools of the same. So with a big yes you cannot avoid and it is inevitable to update the renewal plan for your MS office every year before it gets deactivate. You can do the same by login to your MS office account and making the needful on time.

3. How to make it possible to use MS office for free of cost?

There are people who do not want to spend even a single penny to access the MS office tools and need it for free of cost. For such people if Microsoft office subscription expired then they can still continue using the free tools of the MS office easily. But then it will not be possible to enjoy the benefit of using all paid version tools of the MS office on your device. In a nutshell yes it is possible to use the free MS office without paying anything but there are certain limitations associated with it like access to limited tools only when it comes to MS office tools.

4. Can we subscribe MS office throughout the life?

Some of you might be thinking of taking a lifetime subscription for MS office to avoid any problem to renew it every year. Well Microsoft office licence expired every year and people are asked to renew it every time without letting them allow to opt for any such plan that gives lifetime subscription. So you cannot get done with the job by buying the subscription for your life time period and you have to keep it renewing after regular suggested intervals every time. So keep a track on your license expiry for MS office so that later on you do not have to struggle for fixing the license expiry glitch for the services of MS office on your system.

5. Is it possible to claim refund after cancelling the MS office on PC?

If you wish to claim a refund for the cancellation of paid services of MS office then you can do the same easily. You will be providing with the refund amount which will reflect against your bank account. In a situation when your Microsoft subscription expired or near to expiry, then it is not possible to claim any such benefit of refund. So it is crucial to have an idea that whether you are eligible to claim a refund for your MS office cancellation of the services or you are just spoiling the time and claiming refund in vain.

6. Is it essential to update the license for free tools of Microsoft office?

Yes you cannot ignore the renewal of Microsoft office even if you are using its free tools only. If you want to avoid Microsoft office expired fix then you have to select the plan on renewal page. During choosing your plan for the renewal of your MS office you can select the free version which does not ask for any money. So you cannot get your job done without renewing the free version of the MS office as in both paid and free type of tools you need to renew your yearly subscription on the MS office renewal page by logging in to your account.

7. Should we use Pirated version of MS office to save money for using paid MS office software?

There are people who wish to use the pirated versions of MS office in case their Microsoft word expired or any other tools related to MS office expire. Well, there are high chances that you will get such keys to renew your MS office for the pirated version but then you have to be under risk for that as well. Pirated versions of the MS office are always associated with high risk of getting your system under the malware attacks and threat to your online security. So if you want to keep your system away from any of such malicious thing make sure that you are using genuine services of MS office which are legal as well.

These are the steps that you can take in order to fix your MS office license expiry issue or even become proactive to avoid such glitches as well. Make sure to renew it before your excel subscription expired or be it entire MS office subscription so that you do not have to be panic later on for fixing the license expiry glitch.