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How to Fix Avast Internet Security Not Opening Error?

by Monica Barnes


Avast is a very familiar antivirus best known for offering good tools and features for malware removal. Avast antivirus also provides device optimization tools. It is a reliable antivirus software but still, some people reported that they cannot open Avast user interface. This kind of error on Avast can appear due to various reasons.

How to Fix Avast Internet Security Not Opening Error?

Reasons behind Avast Internet Security won’t open:

  1. You have installed incompatible Avast plan
  2. Incomplete Avast setup download or installation
  3. Corrupted Windows registry files
  4. You have another security software on the device
  5. A third-party program is conflicting with Avast antivirus
  6. Broken Windows files
  7. You have deleted Avast program files mistakenly


Symptoms of Avast Antivirus Not Opening issue:

  1. Avast error appears while running a program
  2. Scanning process interrupts and Avast won’t load
  3. Running application crashes and an error message appears on the screen
  4. Your input devices (mouse) responds lately
  5. Avast will not load error message appears while running a program


Troubleshooting Avast doesn’t open error:


Check for the compatibility

Avast antivirus is available in various plans. When you install Avast antivirus, you need to check its resource requirement. If your antivirus is not compatible with the PC then you will get the Avast does not open error. Check the resource requirements of your antivirus and then check the device specification. If the Avast plan is not compatible then uninstall it and find a compatible Avast plan for your device. Go to the Avast website and search for the compatible Avast plan. Install the antivirus on your device and remove all the malware from the device.


Check for the Registry files

Registry files are necessary for processing. When your Avast shows the error, you should immediately check the registry files. If the registry files get corrupted then you need to repair the files for Avast. But you have to find the exact files and then repair them. Repairing the files is not simple as a single mistake in registry files editing can get you into more issues. If you are a technically strong person then create a backup key for Avast and then edit the files. You can follow the given steps for repairing the registry files:

  1. Open the Windows PC
  2. Click on the Search bar
  3. Type run and hit the Enter button
  4. A run dialog box will be displayed
  5. Type cmd and hit the Enter button
  6. Windows command screen will appear
  7. Type Regedit on the screen
  8. Hit the Enter button

Windows registry files will appear on the desktop. Search for the Avast related files on the registry editor. Copy all the files and save with .reg extensions. Now open the files and repair them accordingly. Restart your device and scan the device with Avast antivirus.


Check for another security program

Avast antivirus will not open when you have another antivirus program on your PC. Multiple security programs in a single PC can conflict with each other. You should remove another program from the device to fix the error. Go to the program files on your device and check the list of all installed programs. If you see another security program then uninstall it from the device. Right-click on the program and hit on the Uninstall option. Follow the on-screen commands and uninstall the program. Now restart your device and run Avast antivirus. If your antivirus is still showing the error then ask the technical team and ask why wont Avast open on the device.


Check for the conflicting program

If you are getting Avast not starting error after installing a program on the device then you need to uninstall the program. That program is conflicting with your Avast antivirus. The conflicting error appears when the user has installed the malicious program. Malicious issues mostly appear in third-party programs. If you have any third-party program like editing software or online games etc then uninstall it. After installing the program, restart your device and check whether the error gets fixed or not.


Check for the Windows updates

Sometimes the antivirus error appears when the OS gets outdated. You must install the Windows OS regularly. Windows provides regular updates to prevent all types of threats. Open your device and check for the updates. Go to Update and Security option and check for new updates. If the update is available for the OS then install it immediately. Wait until the OS update gets installed completely. Restart your device to apply the updates. 

If you are still facing the same Avast error then contact the technical team and ask why my Avast won’t open. The technical team will fix your error instantly.

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